Interesting Facts About Gerard Pique’s Gambling Experience


Posted: October 1, 2020

Updated: October 1, 2020

  • Pique is a big fan of poker and his “career” includes several big wins!
  • You can replicate his gambling success by playing at Betsafe Casino

Some football players enjoy gambling no less than doing sports. Some of them can even compete with professional poker players – like one of the brightest Barcelona stars. Read about Gerard Pique’s gambling experience which is more exciting than most pros can boast of.

Gerard Pique is undoubtedly one of the most popular football players in Europe and in the world. The 33-years-old Barcelona defender has been playing for the club since 2008 and proved himself as one of the most faithful players. However, football is not the only passion of this Spanish superstar. Pique is an eager poker player, whose achievements in this gambling game are as impressive as in the Catalan club.

Together with online gambling sites in Spain, we have collected the most interesting facts about Gerard Pique’s gambling experience. Let’s see what poker means for him and what he has achieved since his first trip to a casino.

Barcelona’s star Pique on poker and his own records

Gerard Pique’s gambling experience is no less impressive than many professional players have. The footballer has been playing poker for years – and has reached some success in it! Pique himself compares poker to football: “You never know what happens when you sit at the poker table or run about the field”. Regardless of one’s strategy and skills, there is always a likelihood of something unpredictable to happen and it makes the player nervous. In this case, poker works completely like football.

Gerard Pique’s gambling experience
Gerard Piqué – Аннаc“” Нэсси / CC BY-SA 3.0 GFDL via Wikimedia Commons

Getting an adrenaline rush is a reason why the Barcelona star likes playing poker offline and at online casinos in Spain. During his long-lasting “career”, Pique even managed to hit several jackpots! Here are all his achievements in poker in the last decade:

  • In 2011, Pique finished 3rd while competing in the forerunner to the Pokerstars Championship, the European Poker Tour. The footballer won around 41.000 euros that day;
  • Pique was placed 5th in the No-Limit Hold’em event at Casino Barcelona in 2017. His winnings were about 129.350 euros;
  • Last year, Barcelona hosted the European Tour Poker – one of the biggest local poker tournaments. Gerard Pique and Artur Vidal took part in a €25.000 High Roller 1-day event as special guests. Pique finished second that day by winning 352,950 euros, while Vidal reached the top-5. 

Do you want to replicate Gerard Pique’s gambling experience?

As we can see, Gerard Pique has an impressive list of achievements in poker. Although he is not a professional player, he managed to hit at least three big jackpots in one decade (we are sure there are more undisclosed winnings). If you want to play poker like Pique, visit Betway Casino.

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