The IOC Bet On The Olympics In 2024 To Start WWIII

bet on the olympics 2024

Did you bet on the Olympics being hosted in Paris or were you one of the renegades that backed Los Angeles at Bet365? Well guess what, doesn’t matter if you like to bet on sports in France or the USA, because it’s both, at least so the IOC have strongly hinted. So all that has to happen now for everyone to be happy is the French and Americans agreeing on who gets to go first and host the 2024 games with the other city taking the 2028 Olympics. Hmmm. Spot the problem?

In the continuing efforts of the International Olympic Committee to start a nuclear war to wipe out all possible drug cheats on the planet (they’re over compensating for earlier apathy and collusion) the announcement that they would be announcing the hosts for both the 2024 and 2028 Olympics on September 13th this year is a smooth move worthy of any James Bond bad guy. Now you can either bet on the Olympics or the start of WWIII as the French and Americans are set on a collision course.

The French are Europe’s Americans. Is that unfair? Hmm. Both feel they’re vastly more important than they actually are, both think everyone should speak their language and believes their culture superior to all others. Both have fought and lost wars in South East Asia, have a relationship with food that borders of the fetishistic and 20% of them vote for fascists during elections. You decide. So maybe we could bet on the Olympics issue being easily solved, but the two nations don’t actually get on these days.

Bet On The Olympics At Bet365 Before France Nukes LA

2024 Olympic Hosts

Los Angeles (USA) – 11/4
Paris (France) – 1/4

When Hamburg pulled its offer from the table, Rome had it’s bid disintegrate and the Hungarians ran away from the vast costs involved the neck-and-neck race between Los Angeles and Paris was interesting to watch as both sides attempted to schmooz their way to a win without necessarily straying into FIFA-esque corruption territory. The idea that they might both now be given a games is good news but don’t bet on the Olympics spat being so easily settled, both want to go first in 2024, and both can’t.

The big problem is that you can bet on the Olympics tussle involving the media using the phrase “Freedom Fries” again. The French might all have been Americans on 9/11 but these days at best the two ignore each other, even in the Middle East. The French helped out in Mosul Iraq, the Americans worked with Russia to bring about a ceasefire in Syria, but the underlying issue is that Trump would still have been happier to see Le Pen in power in France instead of sensible centrist Emmanuel Macron.

IOC Leave French Gambling News Coverage Won’t Mention The Fries

With Macron goading US President Donald Trump on social media, and Donald Trump being to international diplomacy what a razor blade is to a baby’s pacifier, the IOC washing its hands of the whole affair saying they want the rival cities to come to an agreement between themselves is tantamount to pouring gasoline on a match in a children’s home, but you can always bet on the Olympics governing body to make things worse not better, except possibly for the bookies like Bet365.

If you’re French gambling laws of common sense will prevail and you’ll definitely go first, think again. If you’re American betting that money will call the tune and you’ll get the 2024 games on spec, forget it. This is going to be an interesting moment in bi-lateral relations between two countries that both have an axe to grind, and whilst it might not quite lead to a nuclear holocaust the chances are you can bet on the Olympics spirit to be somewhat tarnished over the next few weeks as both sides jockey for position.

Olympics 2024 – Logos

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