Is the Future of Kai Havertz Going to be as Shiny as Expected by Football Scouts?

Kai Havertz Leverkusen

Being a football scout is probably one of the most interesting jobs in the world: basically you are paid to do things like predicting the future of Kai Havertz and the likes.

When it comes to mentioning the most talented midfielders in Germany, as well as the most talented young midfielders in the world, we cannot just leave Kai Havertz’s name out of our list. All online betting news in Germany agree with us on this one as they have high hopes of the youngster becoming crack.

But who is Kai Havertz? Those interested in the Bundesliga must be familiar with his name already: Kai Havertz has played 24 Bundesliga matches for Bayer Leverkusen. And the guy just turned 18! He is also one of the most important members of the U17 Germany national team but his dream is obviously becoming a regular starter for the Nationalelf.

What’s the future of Kai Havertz?

The future of Kai Havertz is expected to be really bright. Many football experts agree on that. It’s not an accident that he is playing among the adults in the Bundesliga, only at the age of 18. He is already more experienced than the vast majority of even older players than he is. And the Bundesliga is the perfect place to develop as a footballer.

If he continues his development at the same pace he started, he will soon grow out of Bayer Leverkusen. Online sportsbooks in Germany would like to see him staying in Bundesliga and hence they would expect Bayern Munich to capture him. Will Kai Havertz ever leave Bayer for Bayern? Or is he to leave Germany completely as the next step? Only time will tell…

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