Is There Only One Result? Check Out the Odds of the Cummings vs Keeler Bout

Conrad Cummings vs Luke Keeler odds

Trash-talk was not needed to get boxing fans excited about the middleweight dust-up on the Frampton vs Donaire undercard on Apr 21. Those fans who are also interested in betting have even more reason to look forward to that date, as the odds of the Conrad Cummings vs Luke Keeler bout look pretty interesting.

Online sportsbook sites in Ireland, such as VBet Sportsbook, indicate 2/5 as Cumming’s odds and 7/4 as Keeler’s odds. The boxers themselves, of course, evaluate their chances quite differently.

Cummings and Keeler on their odds


Keeler (source: YouTube)

A respectful Cummings acknowledged Keeler’s abilities but stated that it’s precisely such able opponents who “bring the best out of me and I feel – unfortunately for Luke – he’s going to bring that out of me. There’s only one result.”

Keeler was ready with his own (also very respectful) answer:“He’s a quality fighter, probably the best opponent I have faced so far, but at the same time his come-forward style of fighting is made for me. I couldn’t pick a better stage and opponent at this stage of my career.”

How about the stats?

The contestants are evenly matched. Both have 13 wins under their belts (with Cummings having one more KO than Keeler). Cummings has one, Keeler two losses, and both have one draw. Conrad’s loss is a bit more recent than Keeler’s last loss.

Considering that the boxers are so evenly matched and the bout could very well go either way, it may be a good idea to bet on Keeler (7/4). His win would mean a noticeably higher gain while his chances are not significantly smaller.

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