When can Man City Lift the Title, Following Loss to Man United?

Loss to Man United

Man City were odds on favourites to win the derby at home against Man United last weekend, and despite leading 2-0 initially they went on to blow it as their cross-town rivals struck 3 past the Sky Blues’ goal. A victory would have landed Pep Guardiola the Premier League title – his first – but now they’ll have to wait at least another week before opening the champagne bottles.

The Premier League title celebrations are postponed potentially until round 34

Man City had an amazing chance to make their title celebrations even greater than the previous two – in 2012 and 2014 – because they were playing their biggest rivals Man United at home in front of all their supporters. Winning the derby would have given them enough points to raise the trophy, and doing that in front of the Man United would have been the ultimate satisfaction not just for Guardiola’s players but more so for the supporters, according to online sportsbook news.

Rubbing it into their faces would have stood as a memory for years, but it wasn’t meant to be in last weekend’s encounter. So now the earliest possible date for Man City’s title win stands at April 15 – a day that they won’t actually be playing. The day before, on April 14, the Sky Blues will take on Tottenham at Wembley and they have to win that match, but the Red Devils would also have to lose at Old Trafford the following day to West Brom – an unlikely prospect – for Guardiola and his men to lift the Premier League trophy.

This seems somewhat unlikely, but that it doesn’t change the overwhelming perception where the title is going this season, as Man City have virtually won the league long ago. The Etihad side will lift the title, it’s just a question of when.

Chris Smalling scored the winning goal in a thrilling 2-3 away win for Man United at the Etihad (source: Sky Sports)

Man United aiming for second spot on the table

Despite winning the derby with a thrilling comeback, Man United boss Jose Mourinho agrees with everyone else and online sportsbooks in UK that the title belongs to Man City this campaign. But when it comes to his side’s finish on the table once the season comes to a close, Mourinho has set his eyes on the second spot, right behind the imminent champions Man City.

“Of course they wanted to do it today, but they are going to win the title, just not today,” said the Portuguese manager. “They’ve won more points than the others but they gave a chance to the others. Hopefully City can beat Tottenham to win the title, as our challenge is to finish second, so I get the chance to congratulate City for their title.”

The Special One also highlighted that his side has come under pressure by the public and the media for their perceived poor performances, but stressed that they’re actually much better than people give them credit for – something that’s evident by just looking at their position on the table.
“The team that people think we are, we’re not as bad as people saw we are. What we will try to prove is that we’re the second best team in the country.”

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