Football Player Spent Weeks Gambling and Whoring at English Casinos


Posted: October 1, 2011

Updated: October 1, 2011

Savio Nsereko, is a 22 year old Ugandan born German football player who supposedly has the potential to be one of the best in the game. 

Savio Nsereko, is a 22 year old Ugandan born German football player who supposedly has the potential to be one of the best in the game.

He is currently registered with Fiorentia who loaned him to Series B, Juve Stabia.

According to online gambling news in England, Savio was supposed to be a real catch for Juve Stabia, whose coach praised Savio as an excellent technical player and an athlete with a heart of a lion.

Savio may indeed have the heart of a lion but also a libido of a rhinoceros and a deep, deep love of traditional UK casinos as well as online casino in England.

On September 8, Savio never made it to football practice. A day went by without any contact from Savio with his family, his business partners or his attorney.

The entire Italian police force scrambled to locate Savio who the police thought was a victim of kidnapping by ruthless Ugandan mobsters.

It was only when Interpol got involved that the case of the missing football player was solved. Interpol quickly learned that Savio was in England, of his own free will, and allegedly for medical treatment.

By now the Italian football fans, as well as the football club were boiling mad that Savio failed to notify them that he is leaving the country for the duration of the practice season with a totally new team.

Savio returned after 20 days to Italy with his Ugandan lawyer and a medical certificate that the press quickly unmasked as a forgery.

It unfortunately turned out that young Savio spent three full weeks gambling tens of thousands of euros at posh London casinos, licensed under United Kingdom gambling laws, while surrounded by prostitutes, pimps, drug dealers, and Ugandan gangsters.

Gambling E16,000 per day, while fornicating with the most expensive call girls London has to offer while under the influence for 20 days without stop shows the stamina of a lion but the IQ of a goldfish. Ditching the entire practice season as well as attempting to deceive his team with a bogus medical certificate certainly show huge personal defects.

Juve Sabio has not disclosed how the bad boy player will be punished and this reporter predicts a lighting quick end to Savio’s career if he continues on this path of irresponsibility.

Savio needs to take some advice from Charlie Sheen – If you whore, drink, drug, and gamble, never be late for practice.

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