It’s Time To Bet On Justin Bieber & The NHS Saving Us All

Posted: December 18, 2020

Updated: December 18, 2020

  • Ladbaby Still Favorite For Xmas No.1 Spot
  • Bet On Justin Bieber & The NHS At Bet365
  • PopVox Choir Still In The Mix At 11th Hour

They could prevent so much pain and misery. Divert us from this course that puts us all in harm’s way. Haven’t we all suffered enough? Has there not been enough trauma? Enough anguish? Must we really now face a cold, harsh winter in the face of this terribly, insidious, creeping nightmare? Perhaps not. There are rays of hope. You can still, at online sportsbook sites in the UK like Bet365, bet on Justin Bieber & the NHS, or indeed the PopVox Choir, shutting out Ladbaby.   

British people love to bet on the UK’s Christmas No.1. It’s one of the numerous traditional “flutters” they don’t really consider gambling. Like a bet on the Grand National it’s seen as a piece of harmless fun. This year, however, it has taken on slightly ominous overtones. The schmaltzy cheesefest that is Ladbaby is back again. It is even getting the best of the odds on the UK’s Christmas No.1. Which means we have to bet on Justin Bieber to save us and win instead.

Of course, there are some who’ll find Justin Bieber and the NHS Choir just as horrific. Indeed, it’s quite hard to muster much more of a defense of a bet on Justin Bieber than “he’s not Ladbaby”. However, they need nothing more. It’s a watertight argument. They’re simply the lesser of several evils. Shame then they don’t happen to get the best of the odds on the UK’s Christmas No.1. They’re like a bet on sports in the UK backing anyone but Liverpool in the EPL. 

Bet On Justin Bieber
Do you like sausage rolls? – Me neither

Internet Madness Goes Mainstream

A bet on Justin Bieber and the NHS Choir garners around 9/4 right now at Bet365. So, they are definitely in contention. The PopVox Choir even more so. They get 9/2, slipping toward 2/1 at some online bookmakers in the UK. So, we don’t have to resign ourselves to the terrible fate of watching some ghastly Youtuber merrily ruin Christmas with their desperate lack of talent. Real music may still win. Unfortunately, this is 2020, and hoping for the best is not always applicable.

UK’s Xmas No.1

  • Rig Aid – 20/1
  • Wham! – 18/1
  • Bad Boy Chiller Crew – 16/1
  • Angelina Jordan – 10/1
  • Shine A Light To Fight & The Portraits – 8/1
  • Patch Dillion – 7/1
  • Mariah Carey – 6/1
  • Justin Bieber & the NHS Choir – 9/4
  • PopVox Choir – 9/2
  • Ladbaby – 10/11
  • More odds at the bet365 Sportsbook…

Social media was already a problem before 2020. But this year dodgy information relayed by disingenuous people has had horrid effects. Evidence that the internet is slowly taking over. Allowing Ladbaby to cross over from the cybersphere into the everyday mainstream is just another facet of this lamentable trend. Perhaps nothing can stop it. Which means a bet on Justin Bieber at online betting sites in the UK like Bet365 is quite optimistic, 9/4 really doesn’t do it justice. 

Bet On Justin Bieber
Transgender people must have the same rights! – Image source: Daniel Ogren, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

You Can Bet On Justin Bieber At Bet365

The parsimony of price one can find for a bet on Justin Bieber, however, pales when compared with some of the other options. You can bet on Patch Dillion at 7/1, or the Bad Boy Chiller Crew at 16/1. They don’t have a hope, apparently, but technically you could. No one is stopping you. You could even bet on Wham! at 18/1. Your loved ones may call social services to have you sectioned, but it’s Christmas. That mental health facility might be jolly good fun on the big day.

“I love sausage rolls.”

  • Ladbaby – 2019

At 10/11 it appears a bet on Ladbaby has this in the bag. Anyone in the UK gambling laws of common decency might consign this horror to history is wrong. This means whilst we can bet on Justin Bieber or bet on the PopVox Choir they likely won’t win. So, we have to look ahead. To the future. To the one man capable of winning regardless of who he’s up against. Yes, that’s right, in 2021 we have to hope we can bet on Lewis Hamilton to record the UK’s Christmas No.1 hit.

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We take a look at why a bet on Justin Bieber is to wager on him saving us from the horror and suffering only Ladbaby can cause.

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