Should You Bet On US Politics Getting Silly On January 6th?

Everyone who has put a bet on US politics recently is waiting to see what tactics angry GOP Trumpers will use to try and derail the process.

Bet On US Politics

The final formality before the inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris is a vote in the House of Representatives. They have to verify election results. Republicans thus have one last chance to disrupt the election they lost. But just how will they go about it? Online sportsbook sites in the US like Bovada might not offer odds on their tactics, but there are only so many options. Just when you thought you could bet on US politics returning to normal, there are at least 7 ways it could get out of hand. 

1. Multiple Objections

When the time comes this is the most likely response. A whole queue of Donald Trump supporting Republicans attempting to derail the voting process. The Democrats control the house, however, so this is unlikely to work. As usual, you can bet on US Politics to serve up something dramatic and fun to watch, but it won’t reverse the election. Nothing will now. It’s all over for Trump and his supporters. All over bar the shouting, and I suspect we’ll see plenty of that.

2. A Sixties-Style Sit In

Republican lawmakers will face ejection from the chamber if they’re violent, so we must expect non-violent protests. There are plenty of examples to follow. Indeed it might be wise to bet on US politics copying from its own relatively recent history. The sit in protests of the 1960s could well be the tactic they employ. They may simply obstruct the use of the chamber so that the vote to approve the US election results can’t go ahead. It would be childish, pointless, and doomed to fail. That doesn’t mean they won’t. 

Bet On US Politics
Good luck and have fun!

3. Singing En Masse

This would disrupt the smooth running of the voting process. Typically you can’t bet on US politics be very musical. However, with few options open to them, this may well come to pass. It won’t stop the vote, it’ll just make it more difficult in the most childish way possible. Of course, no one in the US gambling laws of common sense apply to their politics is very sensible now. There just isn’t a bottom of the barrel to scrape, it’s just angry Republicans all the way down.

4. A Custard Pie Fight

You can, of course, already bet on US politics being full of clowns. So why not bet on them behaving like it? A massive pie fight’s a classic move and would almost definitely delay the vote. They’d find it hard to use a chamber awash with custard pies being thrown hither and yon. It would make fabulous television, be entirely in keeping with the principles of US democracy, and very funny. Just whether the Capitol Police would shoot Republican pie propellers is debatable.   

5. Arson (Or Faux Arson)

This is an old favorite. Either set fire to the building or merely pull an alarm and claim you have. It soon clears the building and prevents the vote from going ahead. The Capitol can’t take any risks. Online betting sites in the US might not offer odds on it happening, but it’s a possibility. The GOP Trumpers are desperate, and desperate times call for desperate measures. Of course, this course of action may just result in a bunch of angry Republicans getting hosed down by the local fire service. 

6. Mass Suicide Protest

It worked for Thich Quang Duc, and we still remember who Jim Jones is. Perhaps the GOP will turn to this traditional if somewhat ultimate, form of protest. Could the US population stomach television coverage of the serried ranks of Republicans each slumping to the ground in turn as the suicide pills take effect? I think not. Of course, if you regularly bet on US politics you’ll know deaths rarely affect political thinking or lawmaking. So this terminal plan might just not work at all. 

Bet On US Politics
“Para-para-paradise” – Coldplay

7. An Armed Insurrection

Their supporters have threatened this for months. It hasn’t happened. However, with their backs against the wall the Republicans might consider it. They may bet on US politics these days needing a forceful nudge in the extreme right direction. Sure, this would be like a bet on sports in the US at Bovada saying the Jacksonville Jaguars will win the NFL, but they’re desperate. This is the last throw of the game. After January 6th they’d have to admit that they, and Trump, lost. 

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We take a look at why you might just be able to bet on US politics getting even more ridiculous before it starts to get better again.

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