It’s Unlikely But Some Folk Win The Lottery More Than Once

  • North Carolina Man Rakes In Another $1m Lottery Win
  • You Can Try To Win The Lottery Twice At Lotto Agent
  • Luck Has No Memory Of Your Previous Good Fortunes
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To win the lottery is, of course, a dream for many of us. It would, at a stroke, resolve many of the issues we face today. However whilst we chase a one-off, life-changing win at Lotto Agent, for some people it isn’t as singular. Some people actually win the lottery more than once despite the astronomical odds against it. Max Bouldin of North Carolina, USA, who won one of the best lottery jackpots in the NC Education Lottery and then won it again, is just the latest example.

Lightning, we are so often told, doesn’t strike twice. We take this to mean that rare circumstances are unlikely to repeat themselves. That if we have weathered an instance we probably won’t find ourselves facing the same again. It’s a nice thought. It’s delusionary, but a nice thought. The fact is luck doesn’t have any memory of how lucky you were before. The odds on you to win the lottery don’t change due to prior wins, or, more notably, prior losses. Luck is far more mercurial.

Take the crew of the battleship HMS Aboukir, torpedoed in 1914. They were lucky other ships were nearby. They swam to one, HMS Hogue. Unluckily, it was then promptly also torpedoed. Survivors thus abandoned ship and swam to the nearby HMS Cressy. A torpedo then sank HMS Cressy too. The survivors were lucky, they survived, but getting sunk three times in an hour? Even the best lotto jackpot reviews would have a hard time denying that’s a run of poor luck.

Lucky Or Losing Streaks Are Real

So, if bad luck can strike three times, good luck has to work the same way. However, unfair fate doesn’t seem swayed by your record, recent or otherwise. That means you can win the lottery more than once, there is simply no reason why not. Hence, the existence of individuals like Max Bouldin of North Carolina. He first won the lottery in 2018 when he got $1m playing Extreme Millions. Something for which he was very grateful. However Max still had some luck to come.

“I feel so blessed.”

  • Max Bouldin – Multiple Lottery Winner

Playing the Jumbo Bucks game, part of the NC Education Lottery, he risked $10 and found he’d won another $1m. The odds against this are astonishing. However, just like the crew of the Aboukir, he’s not alone. This isn’t the first time some was lucky enough to win the lottery twice. North Carolina has even seen this before. Indeed, it begins to seem that if you’re looking for the best lottery to play at Lotto Agent, you should definitely check out the NC Education Lottery.

Win The Lottery
Good luck!

You Might Win The Lottery At Lotto Agent

North Carolina lottery officials tell us that another man had to split his $4m lottery win in March. Then he managed to win the lottery individually some weeks later. Likewise, a lucky resident celebrated his lucky $5,000 win then he won again with a far larger pay out. So lot only does lightning strike twice, it strikes quite often in North Carolina. Just what part geography plays in this interesting vortex of good fortune is hard to say, but coincidence? Not so sure.

“I was speechless. I had to look at it several times. I just feel so grateful.”

  • Max Bouldin – Multiple Lottery Winner

As the torpedo victims back in WWI and those who win the lottery more than once these days prove; luck is fickle and can swing both ways. Lucky streaks are real and if you feel you’re on one listen to that instinct. Perhaps you could win the lottery at Lotto Agent playing its great progressive jackpot lotteries. Maybe even more than once.  After all, it would seem that whilst lightning never strikes twice, history does and can repeat itself. Especially, it seems, in North Carolina. 

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You might think it’s impossible to win the lottery more than once but in North Carolina it happens nearly all the time.

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