Jakob Ingebrigtsen Betting Odds: The Fastest Man in Scandinavia Will Thrive in the 2019 World Championships

  • Jakob Ingebrigtsen can win the gold medal on the 1500m
  • He will be in the podium
  • Jakob Ingebrigtsen betting odds show that he has lower chances of doing the double in Doha
Jakob Ingebrigtsen Betting Odds
He's very likely to add a medal to his collection

The 2019 World Championships in Athletics is starting in September in Doha. And among the athletes, there is one that has been standing out especially in Europe. So, our Jakob Ingebrigtsen betting odds show that he will win one medal in the competition.

The young Norwegian has been surprising everyone with his running skills. However, now he will have the difficult task to face runners coming from all over the world. In a sport that is commonly dominated by African runners, Jakob Ingebrigtsen will try to change the pattern and make sure that his name will forever be remembered in the sports – which in Europe and Norway he already accomplished.  

People can argue he has the “sports gene”. His two older brothers are also two of the best Norwegian runners. Besides, his father Gjert Ingebrigtsen is their coach. They are so popular in the country that their lives have been documented in the reality tv-show Team Ingebrigsten, which the NRK broadcasts since 2016. But his success doesn’t come only from that, but from the hard work he has devoted to the sports ever since he was a child.

He is one of the three Europeans that the IAAF names the next generation of athletics and who are already taking over the sports. Another one is Armand Duplantis, also a Scandinavian sensation who is the European Champion in the pole vault. And you can already place a bet on Duplantis’ performance in Doha as well.  

Jakob Ingebrigtsen
Jakob Ingebrigtsen

The achievements of the athlete from an early age

It is a fact that Ingebrigtsen will have a difficult task in Doha. But he seems to only get better and he is keeping on making history in 2019. He already became the youngest-ever male winner of a European Indoor Championship, by winning the 3000m. And this was also the first Gold Medal for Norway in the Indoor competition.

The Norwegian runner is breaking records ever since he is in his pre-teens. The 18-year-old competes since an early age and this is probably why he is being so successful in his career. With the experience he carries already, he has high chances of succeeding in the World Championships.

He first came to the public attention in 2015, winning 4 titles at the U16 Norwegian Junior and Youth Championships. Then, as online sportsbook news sites in Norway report, at only 16 years old, he became the youngest athlete to run the one-mile distance in less than 4 minutes.

And he doesn’t cease to amaze us. In 2017, at his first 3000m steeplechase competition, he was second and broke the European junior record.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen might have to wait before winning two gold medals worldwide  

Despite his success, he might not be doing the double at the World Championships this year yet. This is due to the very strong competition he will face, especially when it comes to the 5000m.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen will be running next to the best athletes in the world. And among them are the Ethiopian rising star Selemon Barega – whose personal record in 5000m is 12:43.02 – and Yomif Kejelcha.

It is true that he is increasing his performance in the 5000m. In Berlin, he finished it with 13:17.06 – 18 seconds faster than a year before. But he is still almost one minute behind. This is why his odds of winning two Gold medals are only 12.00 at Unibet Sportsbook.

He is winning a gold medal according to the Jakob Ingebrigtsen betting odds

Last year, at the U20 World Championships in Tampere, he was silver in 1500m and bronze in the 5000m. Then, in August, he wasn’t only the youngest but also the first man ever to win a double at the European Championships in Berlin.

Despite not finishing the season with personal records, it was still the best year of his career. In Monaco in July, he finished the 1500m with only 03:31.18, proving during the Summer that he is a strong contender to at least one gold medal in Doha.

This year, he will certainly keep improving and will show good results. At Unibet Sportsbook, his odds of winning the medal in the 1500m are 3.50 while not reaching the highest place of the podium are 1.25. A bit lower are his chances of winning the 5000m (5.50), as opposed to his 1.11 odds of losing the gold medal.

Jakob Ingebrigtsen is very likely to add a medal to his collection

But even if he doesn’t succeed in winning a Gold medal, he will certainly take one home. As stated, his performances are getting better each year and according to what he has been showing to us lately, he always reaches the podium.

In the 5000m, he has been breaking his personal records through the years. And he will certainly keep on improving in the 1500m, despite some ups and downs. The truth is that he is only proving himself in senior competition since 2018 and, last September, he was bronze on the 1500m at the Continental Cup.

For this reason, it is very likely that he (1.75) will get at least a medal in the 1500m. But as in sports nothing is certain, his odds of being left out of the podium are 1.95. Concerning the 5000m, his chances of getting a medal are lower. This is mainly due to the competition previously mentioned. And so, at online sportsbook sites in Norway, his odds of getting a medal are 2.75 while leaving Doha empty-handed are 1.45.

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