Kazakh Player Wins $500,000 in a Week From Poker tournaments

UK online poker rooms

Man from Kazakhstan won almost $500,000 in one week, participating in two PokerStars’ online tournaments.

Kazakh gambling laws do not restrict playing at foreign online casinos, therefore the winner had the opportunity to participate and he managed to get to the finals of the Red Spade Open, which had more than 32,000 participants.

He finished second and couldn’t grab the title, but got the big share from the prize pool – $225,689. A week later, he didn’t miss the title and mastered the Sunday Million tournament organized by the UK online poker rooms. There were another 7,485 competitors and his win got him another $224,550. Therefore, his total winnings came up to $450,239.

The identity of the winner is a mystery

The winner from Kazakhstan goes under the nickname Agrobot_388Z and before his two big wins, he had achieved some small success during previous tournaments. Some speculations were made that he is living in Petropavlovsk, northern Kazakhstan.

It is also interesting that both his prizes were almost the same amount. Furthermore, the gambling statistics show that Kazakhs started playing at this online poker site in 2013 and participated in more than a thousand tournaments, but didn’t win much until November when these two wins took place.

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