Keeping Your Winning Lottery Ticket Safe Is Rule One

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Winning Lottery Ticket
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Hitting upon the winning lottery numbers is rare. It’s typically a once in a lifetime occurrence. However, what feels far more common is people claiming to have won then failing to prove it. There is a veritable mass of people who claim to have lost their winning lottery ticket. Each of them just as miserable as the last. But as even the best lotto jackpot reviews will agree, they have no one to blame but themselves. Looking after your ticket is, after all, just part of the game. 

I genuinely know I had the winning ticket.” It’s an oft-heard refrain. This time it was Kathy Rado in Australia singing it. She claims to have won it big despite not actually having the ticket to hand. “I had a hoarding problem and the big reality is I actually still could have that ticket.” She insists. This despite the rather obvious fact that a winning lottery ticket is only such if one can find it. She can’t. Not that this stopped her from suing to get her supposed winnings. Of course not.

She knew where and when she purchased the winning lottery ticket and took legal action so Golden Casket would confirm those details matched that of the winner. The case went all the way to the Supreme Court. They rejected it. The court said the requested details were in no way necessary to see justice done. They also made sure to state they weren’t ruling Mz Rado had or had not won. But it did underline that the best lottery to play is one where you keep the ticket safe. 

Court Rules Against Releasing Ticket Details

I was just doing it because I was at the end of my tether.” Said Mz Rado who claims the $2 million prize wasn’t the point. “Money’s not everything. I didn’t even realize I could have sued beforehand. I was waiting for the last minute and hoping things would turn around.” Which is, let’s face it, code for her getting the money. Still, you can understand her frustration. How often have we all said, “I know it’s here somewhere.” And that wasn’t about a winning lottery ticket.

“My conclusion in no way reflects any conclusion as to whether Ms Rado was or was not the winner of the unclaimed prize.”

  • Justice Henry – Supreme Court

However, it does always seem a tad as if these people are clutching at straws. Their stories are all fascinating, but in some way flawed. In such circumstances, progressive jackpot lotteries always arrive at the same stumbling block. It’s not their fault. The rules are simple. It’s a low risk, low chance, high reward game. You buy your numbers and you should, like the rest of your possessions, keep them safe. Losing your winning lottery ticket makes you a loser, not entitled.

Winning Lottery Ticket
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Of course, this is far easier to say without the sniff of a few million dollars on the horizon. In that situation which of us wouldn’t push just as far as we could, just in case? Well quite. So no one can blame Mz Rado for her efforts, they just seem a little forlorn and more than a little hopeless. She does, however, claim to have learned some things from losing her winning lottery ticket. “I’ve been a big gambler and you shouldn’t rely on a win like this. It’s made me change my ways.” 

“I’ve been a big gambler, as a lot of people in Cairns would know.”

  • Mz Kathy Rado 

I’m not skilled in legalese but I know about justice.” She admitted frankly after her case was dismissed. “To me, even though I lose, and I know this is crazy, I got justice today.” Eventually, even she seems to have come to terms with losing her winning lottery ticket. It must be a very sobering experience. One we should all learn from. Remember, you can sign up for the best lottery jackpots the planet has to offer at Lotto Agent, but lose your password and it’s all gone.

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We take a look at why knowing where your winning lottery ticket is can’t be taken for granted.

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