Khabib’s Special Betting Odds – Nobody Will Ever Beat Him! 

  • We will not see an athlete like Khabib anytime soon
  • The lightweight champion is the most dominant fighter in UFC
  • Khabib has one of the best records in this sport
Khabib's Special Betting Odds
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Khabib’s special betting odds for the lightweight champion to retire undefeated are out. The Russian has been very open about his retirement plans. He said in several interviews that he no longer has the same motivation he had in his earlier career. As result, he wants to keep his perfect record intact and become the first MMA fighter to retire with an undefeated record.

Khabib Is The Type Of Athlete That Comes Once Every 100 Years

The level of athleticism Khabib Nurmagomedov has shown during his UFC career is something to admire. The stories that other MMA fighters tell about how Khabib trains at the gym will make stand in awe. Former heavyweight and light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier said the Russian can take anyone down who is in the 185 lb division or below. Another story told by Chael Sonnen is that Khabib has multiple sparring partners in one training session. He went on to elaborate that he finishes several opponents with no breaks in between which something unprecedented in this sport. As a result, Khabib is currently the lightweight champion and is one of the few undefeated MMA fighters in the UFC. This made him a hot topic in the MMA community with lots of Khabib special betting odds.

A Remarkable Mixed Martial Arts Career

The UFC lightweight champion holds a record of 28 wins and 0 losses. The Eagle clawed his way up to UFC gold using his elite wrestling and grappling abilities. He is one of the most dominant fighter having lost only one round in his entire career. Also, Khabib holds several records in the UFC. For instance, he holds the record for most takedowns in a fight against Abel Trujillo at 21. However, analyzing his recent fights against Conor and Dustin, Khabib improved his striking abilities to such a higher level. He is now one of the most complete and well-rounded MMA fighters ever. As a result, some high-profile figures in the MMA community such as Robert Whittaker believe that he will retire undefeated. So, what do the bookies say in their Khabib’s special betting odds?

Khabib's Special Betting Odds
Khabib vs McGregor at UFC 229- Image source: Flickr

Khabib’s Special Betting Odds – Will The Champion Retire Undefeated?

The UFC lightweight champion has been open about his retirement thoughts. He said on numerous occasions that he only has two fights left in him and wants to retire with 30 wins on his record. This was also the wish of his father Abdulmanap who recently passed away. Therefore, Khabib will do every in his power to honor his father’s wishes. As a result, online sportsbook sites in the US have put out their retirement predictions in their Khabib’s special betting odds. For instance, at the 22BET Sportsbook, odds for the Russian to reach 30 professional fight wins are 1.675 while the odds for him failing to do so are 2.056. Since MMA fans are divided on this matter, our only option is to wait and see what will happen in the future.

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