Kuwait By-Election Candidate Calls for Kuwait Gambling and Alcohol Legalization

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Gambling practices and alcohol purchase may become a reality in Kuwait, as Waleed Al-Nasser seeks to change the current laws.

Gambling news report that Waleed Al-Nasser registered to run for one of five seats open in the next month’s by-elections. He stunned the election department, as he stated that he will be vying to change the traditional landscape of a country that has banned alcohol and gambling activities.

He highlighted how he would turn the beaches of Kuwait into “open resorts” that would permit the select “few people and tourists” to purchase alcohol and practice gambling. Similar to UAE gambling laws, the Kuwait government doesn’t allow tourists or locals to gamble legally.

Al-Nasser explained how he intends to see out his proposed plans. “Beaches until Messila should be open, while from there down south, we should have ‘Islamic’ resorts.” Currently in Kuwait, players could enjoy playing mobile casinos, however many of them are not available in Arabic.

Other figures also turn up for registration

Along with Al-Nasser, an additional 12 people also filed their applications for the elections, as they look to add their expertise to the government. In total, there were over 65 applicants on the sixth day of registration, which ends on Thursday.

The by-election will be taking place on June 26th, which will see the vacant five seats filled with new personnel. The seats were freed up after five MPs opted to resign, instead of being subject to inquiry about the Prime Minister.

Al-Nasser also indicated that he intends to please the people’s demands and stimulate economic activity, considering that it has been rather unfruitful in recent times.

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