Kylie Jenner Relationship Betting – Which ex will the Youngest Billionaire Reunite with?

  • Forbes youngest billionaire called quits with boyfriend, Travis Scott
  • The possibility of the two former lovers reuniting, listed at +100
  • Tyga back in the picture with the reality star, odds at +250
Kylie Jenner Relationship Betting
Will she get back together with any of her exes? Image source: Hayu / Wikipedia

The young makeup mogul recently parted ways with baby daddy and boyfriend, Travis Scott. The couple met on Coachella in 2017 and hit it off immediately. They started dating and later went on to have a child together. However, there were reports of trouble in paradise, which consequently led to the couple calling quits. Kylie Jenner relationship betting odds have two names instead of one: Travis Scott and Tyga.

Kylie Jenner has been the subject of all the latest entertainment news due to the trending headliner revolving around her personal life. Recently, Kylie Jenner was named as the youngest self-made billionaire ever by Forbes Magazine. The year may have started on a splendid note for Kylie Jenner, it may end on a different one. 

Kylie Jenner relationship betting on whether she will reunite with Travis Scott

The famous reality-tv star seemingly had a perfectly smooth relationship with Scott. After the birth of their daughter, Stormi, and the subsequent release of the video ‘To our daughter’, social media erupted in a collective admiration for the couple. 

The couple was last seen together on the premiere of Scott’s Netflix documentary ‘Look Mom I can Fly’. The online investigators are speculating that things fell apart soon after, owing to the fact that Kylie attended Bieber’s wedding without a plus 1.

Jenner and Scott both seem to be on good terms post-breakup. Hence, online sportsbook sites in the US are theorizing a reunion between the two. The odds of Kylie reuniting with her baby daddy are +100.

Kylie Jenner relationship betting on a surprising reunion with ex Tyga

During 2014-2016, the new IT couple for keeping up with the Kardashians fan club were Kylie and Tyga. Similar to the reality TV show, their relationship can be categorized as dramatic. In essence, they experienced many highs and lows and eventually agreed to split.

Kylie Jenner Relationship Betting Tyga
Tyga might be the one… Image source: Michelle G [CC BY 2.0] / Wikimedia Commons
Having said that, there is another story which is making rounds on the internet. The paparazzi reports suggest that Kylie attending a party with her sister Khloe, where Tyga was also present, is more than a mere coincidence. Whether Kylie is trying to find comfort with a former partner, that’s up for speculation, but online gambling sites in the US are already providing odds for a second reunion. If Kylie and Tyga get back together, that will certainly be a complex situation. Odds for the not-so-new couple at +250.

Neither Travis nor Tyga

With all sorts of theories coming to surface about the very gripping personal life of Kylie Jenner, there is one which renders all of this a publicity stunt. In such a case, anything could possibly happen in the near future.

Or everything aside, Kylie is finally ready for the single life, for which odds are at -140. Other bets surrounding the Jenner/Kardashian clan are available at 1xBet, which takes a venture in the world of Instagram. Kim Kardashian is up against Kylie for who takes lead in the number of followers before 2019 ends. Check them out on 1xBet and bet before the new year.

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