La Liga 2017/18 Relegation Odds: Malaga to Lose €200M if They Drop Off

Malaga Starting Line Up La Liga

After ten years in the top flight Malaga are facing a serious threat to drop out of the division. They are sitting on top of La Liga 2017/18 relegation odds, with concerns on losing around €200 million next season.

According to online sportsbook news in Spain Malaga CF are sitting at the very bottom of La Liga table with only 13 points and 6 points below Deportivo La Coruna. They earned only 2 points out of last ten games, drawing 2 and losing 8 in their 2018 La Liga campaign. The numbers are ugly for Malaga this season, as they only won 3, drawn 4, and lost 20 full games. No surprise they head the La Liga 2017/18 relegation odds. Thus if relegation is going to happen, not only the fans will be frustrated but also the whole city will face a serious crisis.

Relegation will come with financial consequences

Would they support the team in the second division as well?
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Relegation for the Blue and Whites would be also relegation for Malaga as a whole. The direct losses if Malaga go down can be estimated. Despite the financial assistance provided for newly-relegated sides in the first year, money from television right will total little over ten million euros.

In the last campaign the club earned €56 million, a figure which would be maintained if they stayed in the division. But if the club drops off the income of season-ticket sales will drop off, adding to the drop of advertising revenues and marketing by around €50 million.

However the largest quantity of loss will be indirect. A study from more than four years ago estimated that Malaga CF has indirect impact on the economy of €130 million, 95 of which from Spain and 25 from elsewhere. Online soportsbook news in Spain estimate that this figure is more likely to reach €150 million to most of the mid-sized clubs in a major area. But with relegation most of the money will simply stop flowing into the city.

Can Malaga escape La Liga 2017/18 relegation odds?

Out of 11 left games in La Liga, Malaga will face top ten teams in 5 occasions including Barcelona and Real Madrid. It is almost certain that they are doomed. If no dramatic change will happen anytime soon, our recommendation is to place a bet on Malaga to be among the teams to be relegated this summer. At Bet365 Sportsbook the odds for Malaga are (1.025), and they are heading all of Deportivo La Coruna with (1.22) odds and Las Palmas with (1.44) odds, who are also sitting in the relegation zone but could escape if they add three points from their next games.

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