Ladbrokes Launches a New Committee to Oversee Responsible Gambling Practices


Posted: July 12, 2014

Updated: October 4, 2017

In response to multiple concerns in recent times, mobile gambling firm Ladbrokes creates a committee to promote socially responsible gambling.

Gambling news reports that John Kelly, senior independent director, will serve as the head of the newly established committee while non-executive director Christine Hodgson, chairman Peter Erksine and chief exec Richard Glynn will form as the backup of the team.

They are intending to hold meeting at least three times a year to oversee the responsible gambling policy and explore better ways of spreading their agenda. Additionally, the committee will also make sure to keep track with developments in other socially responsible areas.

Ladbrokes has always maintained a socially responsible approach

Chairman Peter Erksine, stressed that the mobile betting firm has always maintained a strict policy when it comes to responsible gambling. “We have always placed responsible gambling and social responsibility at the heart of our business and the establishment of the committee formalizes this approach and reinforces its importance to the future of the business.”

He also added, “It is clear that trust in bookmakers has been impacted by negative publicity and lobbying in the last year, and while we may believe that much of the concern is ill founded, we accept that it is only by our actions will be able to win it back.”

”The social responsibility committee, chaired by John Kelly with a wealth of experience and knowledge of the gambling industry, is a significant step in this process,” Ersine said.

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