Lady Luck is Always on Time: Top 10 Gambling Watches

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Top 10 gambling watches selection will take you into the world of luxurious and unique timepieces.

Casinos are synonymous with rich lifestyle and rich things money can buy. No matter if you prefer gambling online under Monacan gambling laws or go down to Monte Carlo to try your luck at the world renowned Grand Casino.

Most gamers have a talisman, which they attribute the majority of their wins to. This might be a piece of jewelry or something totally random which has a sentimental value or simply a memento for that great big win, which occurred ages ago.

A selection of top 10 gambling watches

• Unique timepieces inspired by the games of chance

• Each piece is a combination of style and luxury

• Roulette, blackjack, poker, baccarat, and more served as inspiration

A long list of renowned jewelry-makers have created a multitude of items relating to casino and gambling lifestyle. These include earrings, bracelets, cufflinks, or any other piece of shiny gold, silver or platinum. A number of watchmakers have also turned their attention to gamers and offer totally unique time-pieces to be worn by gambling aficionados or anyone else wishing to be closer to the glamorous casino life.

And considering the fact that casinos don’t have any clocks on the walls as part of their strategy to make gamers stay longer and spend more, having a watch is a very good idea whichever way you look at it.

Here’s a selection of top 10 gambling watches. Luxury comes at a price, but we assume that anyone who can afford these timepieces is familiar with what it’s like to score a jackpot at online casinos in Monaco or elsewhere.

10. Corum Bubble Royal Flush – $3,995.

Corum Bubble Royal FlushCapturing a Royal Flush at one of many online poker sites in Monaco is a very rare occasion, some poker players go their entire lives without having this card combination at the tables. This was precisely the thinking of Corum designers when they were creating the Bubble Royal Flush watch.

Royal Flush of hearts is laid out on the watch, with the seconds hand featuring a dollar sign. The timepiece is available in stainless steel, 18K rose gold, and even with diamonds. Black Alligator leather is used for the wrist strap.

9. Azimuth Roulette – $4,500.

Azimuth RouletteFancy a roulette wheel of your own? Now you can always take on wherever you go, thanks to the Azimuth timepiece. And yes, the roulette wheel on this one is working and owners can spin it whenever they feel like it. Now that’s a nice way to choose the number to place your bets on.

The watch is crafted from stainless steel and the crown is resembling a dice, which starts the wheel spin once pushed. The wrist strap is made from genuine leather with contrasting stitching.

8. Azimuth Round-1 BACCARA – $4,500.

Azimuth RoundThe guys at Azimuth has also commemorated another popular casino table game – Baccarat – with another timepiece. The watch features a fully-operational Baccarat table with all the outcomes of the game – banker, player, pair, and tie.

There are six versions of the timepiece: top, mid, and entry-level available in both men’s and women’s style. The top dog comes with a diamond studded case with a total value of 7 carats. Mid-level version has about 1.2 carats, and the entry-tier piece comes without them.

7. Perrelet Turbine Poker Watch – $6,000.

Perrelet Turbine Poker WatchPoker enthusiasts can opt for the Perrelet piece. The watch comes with the maker’s unique double rotor mechanism, with cards scattered around and playing hide-and-seek while time goes on. There are three models available with two and a half hands of poker. The watch is made of DLC coated blackened steel, which is extremely scratch resistant.

6. Franck Muller 1250 Las Vegas Roulette Long Island – $21,300.

Franck MullerFranck Muller’s creation is not your ordinary watch. The dial looks like a roulette wheel while the seconds hand is substituting the white ball. The roulette action commences when the crown is pushed and ends when it’s released. Otherwise, the watch is 30-meters water resistant, and is crafted from stainless steel with Black Alligator leather wrist strap.

5. Bell & Ross BR 01 Casino Watch – $23,497.

Bell & RossBell & Ross might be synonymous with aviation watches, but their latest timepiece combines casino action with plane cockpit. The design of the timepiece is totally unique: the roulette wheel is used to tell time. there are three discs for minutes, hours and seconds, each corresponding to a different part of the roulette wheel. Highly durable PVD Black Steel is used to create this watch.

4. Christophe Claret 21 BlackJack – $178,000.

Christophe Claret BlackjackBlackjack has also been immortalized by the watchmakers. This time the job was done by Christophe Claret. Their timepiece actually allows the owner to play three games: blackjack, roulette and dice. The player’s card are shown at the lower part of the dial, two visible and two hidden. The upper part has three card windows for dealer’s cards, one of which is visible. The game activating mechanism is housed at 9 o’clock, where a spring is activated by a button – moving all 7 discs with cards made of solid gold.

The dice game lies on the side of the watch, beneath the smoky sapphire crystal. The flip side of the timepiece houses the roulette wheel, which is activated when the watch is moved. Moreover, there’s a sound of chimes built-into the watch to reminiscent the casino sounds. Titanium casing and synthetic ruby crystals add to the uniqueness of the timepiece and its price.

3. Christophe Claret Baccara – $208,377.

Christophe Claret BaccaraAnother piece from Christophe Claret – brings Baccarat alive. This exuberant watch is limited to 9 pieces per style. The styles of the watches include white gold, red gold, and platinum setting with either Dragon – power, wisdom, and perfectionism; or Tiger – strength and unpredictability. The watch offers over 24,000 possible game combinations in Baccarat thanks to a special mechanism.

Baccarat is not the only game available on this unique timepiece: there are also dice and roulette games. However, that’s not all, a super-magical touch – is the Chinese ideogram, which will appear when the owner blows on the dial.

2. Girard-Perregaux Vintage 1945 Jackpot Tourbillon – $625,000.

Girard-Perregaux VintageThis elite timepiece has a built-in slot machine with a complicated striking mechanism. There’s a row of three reels which will start spinning once the lever arm atop the crown is pulled. The hammer of the watch will make sounds similar to casino slot machines. Moreover, there’s a 1/125 chance of scoring a jackpot when three bells are caught on the reels.

The mechanism of the watch comes with a complicated tourbillon – the height of watchmaking sophistication. And the 6 o’clock window allows everyone to admire the tourbillon mechanism. Pink gold casing is just a cherry on top of this wonderful timepiece.

1. Piaget Casino Themed Watch – price undisclosed.

Piaget CasinoIf you think $625,000 is the maximum you can pay for a gambling-style watch, you’re mistaken. Piaget offers an ultra-luxurious Casino Themed Watch, where the hour ring comes with four suits of cards. The dial of the timepiece is crafted from mother of pearl and features 27 diamonds. The whole perimeter of the watch is mad of 18K white gold and is lined with 78 diamonds. Moreover, the timepiece comes with a matching necklace for your special lady to wear. The watch is made-to-order and the price depends on individual wishes of the client.

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