Laliberte Admits to Losing $26 Million in a Year Playing High Stakes Poker

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In an interview with a Canadian newspaper, Guy Laliberte, founder of Cirque du Soleil, talks about his online and live poker adventures.

Recent gambling news talk about Guy Laliberte, after the avid poker player, businessman and philanthropist gave an exclusive interview with the Journal de Montreal.

Even though nowadays he is more interested in the live tournament scene, Laliberte says he used to play online poker in Canada, via the Full Tilt Poker website. He added that he played against aggressive opponents, for “crazy” high stakes.

Among other user names, Guy Laliberte used to play as “LadyMarmalade”, competing against some of the best poker players in the world. In the interview he admitted he was not always successful. At one point in his career as an online poker player, his losses added up to $26 million in one year.

Scammed by fellow poker players?

The interview also touches the delicate subject of his adventures involving some of his more dishonest fellow players. Laliberte told reporters he was aware that he had been “scammed” in a few games, but he did not want to give names and point fingers.

Today, Laliberte is not only known as a competent player, but also a respected by those who see him at major international poker tournaments. He is also famous for his Big One for One Drop games, which help raise funds for water projects.

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