Largest-Ever Bet at the Kentucky Derby –­ 4 Million Dollars at Stake


Posted: May 4, 2021

Updated: May 4, 2021

  • The Kentucky Derby is the biggest hors rearing event in the US
  • Someone is ready to place the largest-ever bet at the Kentucky Derby
  • See the odds and predictions on the deal!

The Kentucky Derby just makes gamblers in the United States go crazy! It is just fair that they call the event “the most exciting two minutes of sports”. It is also the most wagered-on race of the year, and as such, some people tend to go to the other extreme about it. This year, a man from Texas dropped a 4 million dollar bet on the race, and that became the largest-ever bet at the Kentucky Derby.

Sports events got the whole world excited: fans cheering, bookmakers calculating odds and gamblers placing bets. In the United States, however, some of these events get special attention. Just think about the Super Bowl! And there is the Kentucky Derby that is often reffered to as the Super Bowl of horse racing. So, there is no surprise: all online gambling news sites in the US are all about it this time of the year, as the derby is coming up on the first Saturday of May. But it looks like that this year will be even more memorable than we thought it would be. And it is all thanks to one man from Texas, called Jim McIngvale. He is the one to place the largest-ever bet at the Kentucky Derby.

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Have you heard of the Kentucky Derby?

If you have ever did some gambling is sports, or you have ever been scrolling through online sportsbook sites in the US, we probably cannot tell you anything new. But for those who have not, here are some facts about this event. The highly anticipated Kentucky Derby has been around since 1875! During its history it claimed recognition and attention all around America. The race is held every year in Louisville, Kentucky, always on the first Saturday of May. It is the main attraction to cap the the two-week-long Kentucky Derby Festival. The competition itself is a Grade I stakes race for three-year-old Thoroughbreds at a distance of one and a quarter miles. The race takes place at Churchill Downs. Colts and geldings carry 126 pounds and fillies 121 pounds. And now, let us see about the largest-ever bet at the Kentucky Derby that these horses has ever seen!

Largest-Ever Bet at the Kentucky Derby
Let’s race!

The largest-ever bet at the Kentucky Derby

The name Jim McIngvale is not unfamiliar in the gambling world. The Texan is a notorious bettor. He is known for mixing business and pleasure. He has a mattress business and he likes laying huge bets on sports events, and sometimes do the two together. There was a time, for example, when he payed the price of his mattresses back for customers, who placed a specific bet on an event and won.

But this weekend he is up to his largest-ever action: a wild bet at the Kentucky Derby horse race. He said that he will bet up to 4 million dollars this weekend! And well, seeing his past, we believe him! That would be a record in the history of the derby, and half of that would go on a race favorite Essential Quality. If you would like to place some wagers too – not necessarily this huge, of course – you can still do it on Bovada!

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Odds and predictions

4 million dollars. We have to keep repeating it, so at some point we will take it – since it is the largest-ever bet on the Kentucky Derby. So, about 2 million dollars from that will go on one horse, Essential Quality. “I think it’s going to be a straight win ticket, but I may bet some exactas as well, some high-dollar exactas obviously wheeling Essential Quality (…) I can’t wait to get to Louisville and watch Essential Quality hopefully win—and win lots of free mattresses for these customers.” – said McIngvale. He started a campaign alongside the bet. If anyone buys mattresses worth over 3000 dollars, he will refund the price – if his preferred horse wins. He seems to be pretty sure about his predictions! And according to odds on Bovada, he is right.

But what about the rest: 2 million dollars? He will place that on some longshots and extras, he has not specified, because he is not sure himself yet. However, everything will be out in the open on Saturday: we will see, if he succeeded – and how much he succeeded.

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