Latest Top Sport Documentaries

  • Several new sports documentaries are released every year
  • Online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime are making their owns
  • Fans can watch new films about Tiger Woods, Muhammad Ali and Michael Schumacher
latest top sport documentaries

Thanks to the new streaming services like Netflix and Amazon, more and more sports documentaries are made every year. Formula 1 fan have been waiting for the new film about Schumacher. But we can also watch new productions about Muhammad Ali and Tiger Woods in the latest top sports documentaries. 

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Filming the lives of top athletes has always been a good topic, but it feels like filmmakers are focusing more and more on the sport. There is a wide range of films we can choose from, you can find our previous list here. While last year’s biggest hit was The Last Dance, the documentary series about Michael Jordan on Netflix, many fans can’t wait to see Man in the Arena, the movie about NFL legend Tom Brady. But we could already see some brilliant programs this year, let’s see the best ones of them.

Tiger is One of The Best in The Latest Top Sport Documentaries

Tiger Woods is one of the greatest golf players of all time, whose private life has been full of ups and downs. So no wonder that the series about him called simply Tiger was HBO’s most-watched sports documentary in recent years. In the two-part documentary, we can see Woods from the very beginning to his rise to the top. Then his fall and his amazing comeback after all his struggles and scandals. The golfer doesn’t speak in the film but we can hear from his former caddie, other golfers, and some of his ex-girlfriends. Hopefully, we can still see him playing some golf as well shortly. He won’t compete in the 2021 Ryder Cup though where the US team is favored to win by online gambling sites in the US.

Last Chance U: Basketball

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. So, no wonder several films and documentaries have been made about it. We can find one in the latest top sports documentaries as well, called Last Chance U: Basketball. Which is the new season of the famous Last Chance U series on Netflix. The first few seasons of the series are about college football, following different junior college teams each year. But now the makers concentrated on basketball and showed us the everyday life of a college basketball team in East Los Angeles.

We can find an enthusiastic and tough coach, John Mosley, in the focus of the film who tries to make great players from troubled teens. Their team, the Huskies were aiming for their first state title but the season was sadly canceled in 2020. Still, some of their players were able to join NCAA Division 1 team and have a chance of becoming an NBA player once.  Online sportsbooks in the US already offer odds for the new NBA season, starting on the 21st of October. Why not visit Intertops and chose your event for betting?

Sir Alex Ferguson: Never Give In

Considered by many people as the best football manager of all time, Sir Alex Ferguson’s documentary is another unmissable film. It recounts the main events of his life from his playing career to becoming the manager of Manchester United. We can see interviews with Ferguson along with archive footage, making it a real special experience. Several of his former players are also talking in the film from Ryan Giggs to Gordon Strachan who had a long-going feud with the Scots. Ferguson’s family, his wife and his sons also talk about the man, who has become a real legend at the Red Devils. Actually one of his sons, Jason directed the film which debuted in the cinemas in May.  But it is available on Amazon Prime now.

The Playbook – Learn From The Best Coaches

Staying with football and Ferguson, another iconic manager, Jose Mourinho appears in the Netflix sports documentary series called The Playbook. Five different coaches appear in the five episodes. From the Philadelphia 76’s head coach, Doc Rivers to the coach of Serena Williams, Patrick Mouratoglou.

We can learn more about them and how they operate at their clubs/with their players and make champions of them. The Playbook includes in-depth interviews where these coaches also talk about their critical moments and how they shaped their coaching mentality. It is a rare initiative to focus on the coaches instead of their famous athletes. However, the series is top entertainment as well.

Muhammed Ali, The Latest Documentary About The Greatest

Quite a few films and documentaries have been made about The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, one of the best boxers of all time. The latest one was made by Ken Burns. Which concentrates on Ali’s involvement in the civil rights movement, his religion, and his private life. Besides his biggest wins with the original footage. It is an 8-hour length film divided into four episodes.  Following his life from the beginning to his death in 2016. We can see how he talked to the media and represented all the important values. Even though he was often criticized for it. His life still has mysteries that won’t be answered in this film but we can get to know Ali better after watching this.

+Schumacher, a Much-Awaited Film About the F1 Legend

Michael Schumacher is one of the greatest Formula 1 drivers of all time. So it was just about time to make a documentary about him. Since his tragic accident in 2013, we hardly know anything about him. Many fans thought that we can finally get more information about his current state from this film.

Well, not really. Even though his wife and son also talk in the film, they don’t confirm any details about Schumacher. Corinna talks about how they live now and how they protect the 7-time champion from the outside world. We can also learn more about Schumacher’s career, dedication, and work ethic. Also some details about his marriage and private life where we can see another, less-known side of the German.

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