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Gambling in Moldova

All forms of gambling are considered to be legal in Moldova as of April 2017. The country disposes with two casinos, a lottery as well as several sports betting operators.

Right after Moldova became independent on 27th of August, 1991, the first legal gambling establishment in the country has been created. But it wasn’t until the end of 1994 that the first laws were drawn up to regulate and govern the industry.The Ministry of Economics and Reforms has issued a decree on 21st of May, 1998, called “On the size of licensee fee for separate activities in the Republic of Moldova”. The gambling establishment licenses were outlined by this decree. Virtually simultaneously the Ministry of Finance has issued a guide, called “On rules to fill out primary registration of gambling activities in casinos”.
The law has established primary rules and regulations to govern gambling operators including casinos, sportsbooks, and lotteries in the whole of Moldova. Operating gambling establishments was allowed only for legal entities.

Online gambling in Moldova

Online gambling is legal throughout Moldova, as of April 2017, and many of Moldovan gambling aficionados are using a variety of online sites for this type of activity. The country also has several, so-called “interactive clubs”, where free internet access is given to everyone, and the computers are connected to several online casinos.

The list of accessible online casino games from those clubs and other online casino establishments includes poker, roulette, blackjack, as well as a wide selection of online slots. Gamers have access to online gaming software created by a wide selection of software companies. Some of the biggest names include Stargame, Novomatic, Igrosoft, Casino Technology, Superomatic, Multigames, and others.

Naturally, Moldovan gamers can also access a wide range of gambling operators based in other countries. Any type of gambling activity can be accessed there including online casinos, poker, bingo, sportsbooks and more.