Latest Transfer Rumours in Football – Kroos to MU, Mahrez to Barca?


Posted: March 7, 2016

Updated: May 25, 2017

Bad news for Real fans, good news for Barca fans and for Benitez as well. Check out the latest transfer rumours!

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give good odds for some of the latest transfer rumours to actually come true. However, some of them seem impossible. We’ll see about that. We can know one thing for sure though: the upcoming summer transfer window will bring many interesting transfers. Let’s check out the latest ones now: Kroos, Ödegaard and Mahrez, could they be looking for new clubs?

Mahrez transfer for Barcelona might actually happen

According to UK gambling news, Leicester City will have to let go of their greatest star who arose this season. Riyad Mahrez had been an unknown name in the football world but this season brought him fame as he is a key player in Leicester’s superb form: the attacking midfielder has scored 15 goals and assisted 11 times so far.

Now several top European football clubs are standing in line to be able to sign Mahrez. The Algerian will probably be sold for around EUR 20 million, the only question is if he will be able to perform at the same level in the coming years as well, or maybe even step to the next one. Barca seem to be the club most interested in the Algerian. The Catalans are also linked to signing Reus and Nolito from Dortmund and Celta Vigo respectively. We’ll see whom they buy eventually.

Toni Kroos transfer to Man United is actually possible?

Real Madrid’s midfield has been superb ever since they purchased Toni Kroos from Bayern Munich. The German player understands perfectly how Luka Modric creates Real Madrid’s game and they are a perfect match on the field. However, the German might be looking for new adventures in England.

Manchester United are extremely interested in capturing another German midfielder after Bastian Schweinsteiger. The Red Devils need to strengthen their squad with a top-quality player and Toni Kroos fits this criteria perfectly. However, it is questionable how much his price would be as Real Madrid are unlikely to want to get rid of him. Although it wouldn’t be Florentino Pérez’s first disastrous move…His presence could give hope to MU fans.

Rafa Benite might manage Newcastle United

Could Rafa Benitez manage Newcastle United? (Photo: Uefa)

Rafa Benitez could become Newcastle United’s new manager

Newcastle United are laying in the 19th position of the Premier League, and if they don’t get up a few positions, they will start the next season in the Championship. online sportsbooks, such as Bet365 Sportsbook, believe that Newcastle will eventually be unable to avoid relegation as their odds for finishing in the bottom 3 are 1.57 (4/7).

However, Newcastle United’s directors’ board might see the solution in Rafael Benítez. The Spanish manager has been on vacation ever since he has been fired from Real Madrid, and he must be waiting for an offer. Returning to the Premier League could be beneficial for him as well. And let’s be honest: that’s the level that Benítez deserves: trying to avoid Premier League relegation.

Martin Ödegaard’s talent might blossom away from Real Madrid

Martin Ödegaard has been in the spotlight since even before he decided to start a new life at the Royal club. The talented Norwegian plays for Real Madrid Castilla and despite the fact that he has made his debut for the first team, he has still failed to make an impact at the reserve team and has no real chance of becoming first team member any time soon.

Martin Ödegaard’s former mental coach, Klaus Pettersen, has just recently talked about his former player, the current “Galactico.” The mental couch highlighted that he believes Ödegaard has the necessary mental toughness in football in order to become as best as his talent predestines him. However, the coach added that Real Madrid might not be the right place for him to achieve what he has to achieve. Does that mean Ödegaard will leave the Royal Club in the near future? Truth be told, there has been many rumours about a possible loan offer to a first division club.

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