LCS 2024 Summer Odds – How To Bet On The Best Teams?


Posted: June 18, 2024

Updated: June 18, 2024

  • The winners of the 2024 Summer LCS
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  • LCS 2024 Summer odds

This is going to be the conclusion for the NA scrim, as we have reached the NA LCS Summer Split. Teams have finalized and adjusted their roster, and they are trying their best to get into the World Championship by winning the event. Well, at least some of them are trying. Today we will give you a full analysis of every single team. We must state that we will be brutally honest, but we acknowledge that all teams are trying their best.

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Today we are going to give you some insight into the LCS 2024 Summer odds. Therefore, we are here to report on the NA event for the regional event lines that will select the teams to represent their regions in the World Championship. There are a lot of players, and teams seem to be more solid than ever. However, it seems that every single old player has rotated out of the scene, which is opening up a whole new resurrection for the NA server.

Well, while some are shining, others seem to be failing. In conclusion, we will take a look at the head-to-head odds for the upcoming games. The first week is already over, so we have seen some performances from everyone. If you are interested, then register at some of the online sportsbook sites in the US.

About The LCS 2024 Summer Odds

First things first, let us state that we have seen all of the teams during the LCS spring 2024 odds. Since then, the rosters have changed, and so did the strategies. According to Sportskeeda, 28 players were banned from the international scene before the World Championships could begin. This has opened up many spots in different teams, which will make a change in the international competition. But can the NA regionals compete against each other, or will it be just two teams dominating the rest? Well, we are going to see. The first week was done, and the results were the following:

  • Team Liquid (2W-0L)
  • Fly Quest (1W-2L)
  • Cloud9 (2W-1L)
  • Dignitas (1W-2L)
  • 100 Thieves (2W-0L)
  • NRG (0L-2W)
  • Immortals (2W – 0L)
  • Shopify Rebellion (0W 2L)

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betting picks for 2024 Summer LCS

Cloud9 vs Immortals

Let’s talk about the first game to take place, and this is going to be between Cloud9 and Immortals. C9 used to be the best team, but so did Immortals had their share of glory. However, both of them fell from the best place, but right now, Immortal managed to live up to their veteran title. This is not a battle between players from the LoL LCS academy. The first LCS 2024 summer odds are going to feature the fight between the two teams. The odds are the following:

  • Cloud9 – 1.6
  • Immortals – 4.5

Cloud 9 has an advantage with Thanatos on the top, and Jojo on the mid-lane. Immortals are coming strong with the Olleh and Tactical team on the bot-lane. Cloud9 lost one game to Dignitas, which makes our bet pretty easy: All bets are on Immortals to win against Cloud9. The score bet will be 2win and 1 loss for Immortals (BO3).

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100 Thieves vs Dignitas – LCS 2024 Summer Odds

This is going to be the easiest game to guess. According to Liquipedia, 100 Thieves is the best team right now, while Dignitas is standing in a measly fifth spot, which is still their all-time high. There was a time during season 2 and season 3 when I had high hopes for Dignitas’s future, but it seems that the organization thrives on the fact that someone has to be the last in the competition.

On the other hand, 100 Thieves had an era where they were overshadowed by other teams, but finally, their roster just feels complete. Sniper and River are easily going to carry the game against the whole roster of Dignitas. The odds are the following:

  • 100 Thieves – 1.57
  • Dignitas – 2.25

Our prediction is 100 Thieves winning with 2 wins and 0 losses.

LoL betting predictions 2024

Team Liquid vs Shopify Rebellion

Moving on with the LCS 2024 summer odds, let’s talk about some of the strongest teams in the current competition. We have Team Liquid who is leading with 2 wins and 0 losses. On the other hand, we have the absolute worst team: Shopify Rebellion. This is the same as the Dignitas game, except we at least can hope for one game-win for Shopify. Thus, we are not going to give up all hope on them, at least taking some victories throughout the competition. According to Dexerto, they were defeated by Immortals, who are a strong team. Thus, they are moving one tier down, and they might just show to not be as terrible as they seem. This is going to be a fight between FakeGod and Tomio, versus Liquid’s CoreJJ and Impact.

  • Team Liquid – 1.05
  • Shopify Rebellion – 7.6

Our prediction is Team Liquid will win with 2 wins and 1 loss.

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FlyQuest vs NRG Esports – LCS 2024 Summer Odds

Moving on to the last game, we have FlyQuest vs NRG Esports! This is going to be probably the hardest game to predict, as Flyquest can easily be defeated by everyone else, but NRG eSports knows how to beat every other bad team. Thus, they kind of counter each other. This is a fight between the Dog of Kings and the King of Dogs. If you are looking at some of the  League of Legends betting meta in 2024, then you know to not underestimate NRG eSports. Right now, the two teams are standing on a 1-2 vs a 0-2. Therefore, we are going to give our best for Flyquest, but we wouldn’t be surprised if NRG did not give up the fight and even made a comeback.

  • Flyquest – 1.27
  • NRG eSports – 3.4

We believe this is going to be a 2-win 1 1-loss victory for Flyquest.

winner of 2024 LCS summer

How To Bet On Esports?

This is the end of our analysis of each upcoming head-to-head game for the LCS 2024 summer odds. However, we are going to give you two more things to come home with: Our pick for the outright winner for the event, and of course, our recommendation for the best site for esports bets. First things first, we are going to state:

This year we are confident in 100 Thieves winning the 2024 Summer LCS, giving them an entry to be the representative for the NA server on the World Championship. The other team is going to be Immortals with a strong second place, and we believe their finals will be a 2-win for FlyQuest and 1 win for Immortals. On top of that, all of the featured odds are coming from the best esports betting site, which is VAVE Sportsbook!

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