Legal Issues For Steve Wynn Are Nothing New

Legal Issues For Steve Wynn

The United States might well be one of the most litigious nations on Earth where daily farcical lawsuits are levied and settled over the most trivial and ridiculous of claims but that doesn’t mean some people aren’t more litigious than others, and Steve Wynn, akin to the President Donald Trump perhaps, has spent a fair quantity of his estimated $3.5 billion fortune on high priced lawyers. Legal issues for Steve Wynn are just another day at the office but do his past legal wranglings really prepare him for the fallout from this new sex scandal?

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  • Why did Joe Francis threaten to kill Steve Wynn repeatedly?
  • Does President Donald Trump really like Steve?
  • Was Louis Rodriguez a double agent working both sides?
  • Has Steve Wynn violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act?

Steve Wynn

Joe Francis

Whilst these days most of us do our gambling from the safety and security of the couch on sites like BetVictor the land based gaming industry seems to insist it is going from strength to strength with ever more expansionist moves from the big players, throwing up innumerable resorts and casinos hither and yon, mostly appealing to a luxury bracket few of us can afford, however being successful in the gaming business can involve some lamentable circumstances and legal issues for Steve Wynn are nothing new.

Naturally he has never fallen foul of US gambling laws, his credentials in that respect are entirely spotless as his retaining of a gaming license implies, but further afield he’s had numerous courtroom run ins with rivals and former employees alike down the years. Indeed legal issues for Steve Wynn have been an almost constant companion since he hit the front of the pack with his Las Vegas based casino empire that now spans the physical world away from modern internet sites like BetVictor.

There Are Only Ever Legal Issues For Steve Wynn

Dennis Gomes

Dennis Gomes (source: Drexel University)

He won the 1991 case against Dennis Gomes for breach of contract after the then President of the Golden Nugget jumped ship to work for Donald Trump in Atlantic City and didn’t work off the remainder of his time. Gomes settled after just three years, and the countersuit levied against Wynn was waved away. It wasn’t the first set of legal issues for Steve Wynn, and it wouldn’t be the last with an unauthorized biography titled “Running Scared” by John L Smith attracted his lawyer’s ire next.

At the time the case made US gambling news headlines when a judges error got the case thrown out by the Nevada Supreme Court, and then again when the New York publisher Barricade Books and Wynn came to a private agreement and the case was dismissed. However this wasn’t as large a story as when Trump and Wynn went to war over a casino in Atlantic City and the use of a private investigator called Louis Rodriguez, a case Wynn himself settled in 2000, seemingly then having a change of heart about Donald.

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In 2008 Girls Gone Wild producer Joe Francis wrote a bad check to cover some gambling debts (debts amounting to some $2 million) and thus began a crazy spiral of legal issues for Steve Wynn as Joe Francis kept on threatening to kill Wynn, getting sued by Wynn for doing so and then losing the case. Repeatedly. More seriously in 2012 a case brought by Kazuo Okada that had the SEC looking into Wynns donations to the Macau Development Foundation, but that came to nothing for some reason.

You don’t have to bet on sports in the US regularly to spot a tilted pitch and in China that sort of case was never going to amount to anything. Nor was Wynn’s attempt to sue James Chanos for saying he violated the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, a constitutionally protected comment according to the law and several judges, but you can see from this scant list of highlights that doesn’t even touch on his recent alleged sexual misconduct that legal issues for Steve Wynn are almost entirely run of the mill.

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