Steve Wynn Casino Mogul Disgraced; An In Depth Look

Steve Wynn Casino

The resignation of Steve Wynn as Finance Chair of the Republican party might fade quickly into the background politically, President Trump quite the distraction, but with this just the latest high profile sex scandal in the United States and a Steve Wynn casino seemingly on every corner competing with the likes of BetVictor we thought we’d take a closer look at this billionaire in more depth now he’s hit the US gambling news headlines once again.

  • Are legal issues anything new for Steve Wynn casino mogul?
  • Is The Steve Wynn sex scandal going to be swept under the carpet?
  • Why did the Republican gamble on Wynn end such a failure?
  • Is Steve Wynn a man or a Muppet?

The Wall Street Journal story that interviewed numerous colleagues and staff alleges that Steve Wynn casino mogul is a serial abuser and molester of women and most particularly that his personal massage therapist was harassed on multiple occasions in his private office. It went on to allege that many women in his employ go to some extensive lengths to avoid being in his presence and generally paints a picture of a dirty old man which is probably why the GOP have ditched him like a hot potato.

Republican Gamble On Finance Chair Fails To Wynn

The GOP has been under siege for a year now assailed as much by the friendly fire incidents that festoon from the Donald Trump White House as they are from the press reacting to whatever the President Tweeted this morning. Numerous high profile resignations have left the party looking wayward and a little like someone who wants to bet on sports in the US but can’t remember the name of an NFL team. Their blustering excuses for Trump obviously not extending to Steve Wynn casino mogul.

Is The Steve Wynn Sex Scandal Just Another Chapter?

Of course the Steve Wynn casino business is no fly-by-night operation and has a proven successful track record that has over the last fifty years developed from a small bingo parlour operation into a globe straddling colossus that can just about hold its own with gamers against the likes of BetVictor and the rest of the internet gambling revolution. Holding sway over a good portion of the luxury gaming market is useful for the bottom line and all the wealth could put this sex scandal to bed fast.

Legal Issues For Steve Wynn Are Nothing New

Any settlement with those who have made allegations would be entirely in keeping with Steve Wynn casino mogul’s typical operating procedure with many of the high profile cases he’s been involved with finally settling out of court after numerous years for the sort of figure that has numerous zeros on the end, and that includes the $7.5 million dollars he paid to a manicurist who accused him of coercing (see forcing) her into sex with him, which might not be against US gambling laws but is still abhorrent in every way.

Steve Wynn Is He A Man Or A Muppet?

Obviously looking foolish as well as disgusting in the wake of this resignation you’d think Steve Wynn casino profits might take a bit of a beating but that’s unlikely to be true as his past behavior, including the “accidental” damaging of a priceless Picasso, and indeed that payout to the manicurist, seem to underline that this isn’t some aberration on the part of this billionaire pervert, but just the way the man does “business”. He claims the allegations are preposterous, but then he would, and history doesn’t seem to make him look innocent.

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