Leicester officially the most unlikely winners ever of the Premier League

Leicester themed crisps

After Tottenham’s failure to beat Chelsea, Leicester were confirmed as Premier League Champions. They are certainly the most unlikely winners ever; but are they the greatest underdogs in sporting history?

Times have really changed since Leicester were promoted last season. They struggled for their first few months in the top division, before an incredible run of form saw them stay up. Prior to the 2015-16 season, bookies judged them 5000-1 outsiders to win the title.

They were near the top of the table from the very start, but it was only recently that they became favourites at online sportsbooks in the UK. Even until the very last moment, it seemed that reality would strike and they wouldn’t win. However, it’s now impossible for anyone to catch them, making them the most unlikely winners ever and one of the top 10 biggest football shocks.

Plenty are celebrating most unlikely winners ever!

While punters smart enough to bet on Leicester (and not cash out already) can celebrate, the presenter of Match of The Day may be regretting his wager! He tweeted earlier in the season that if Leicester triumphed he would present the BBC’s flagship highlights programme in his underwear. As a fan and former player, he’ll be delighted, but he’ll probably regret not going to an online sportsbook instead.

Lineker underwear challenge

Walkers have a countdown to Lineker’s nudity (Photo: Leicester Mercury)

For many years Lineker has promoted Walker’s crisps, which were founded in Leicester. They are celebrating the league title by producing special edition salt & vinegar flavoured crisps: they will be entitled “Salt & Victory”. This season was also a big win for book publishers: there are reported to be at least six books set to be released that will detail the Foxes incredible rise.

Most unlikely winners ever began season with racist orgy sex-tape drama

This season’s events are all the more unlikely considering how last summer played out for the Midland’s minnows. Previous manager Nigel Pearson was dismissed in the aftermath of his son’s sacking for his part in the racist orgy sex-tape featuring several young team members, which took place on the club’s post-season trip to Thailand. Jamie Vardy was also forced to apologise for racially abusing a Japanese man, while drunk in a casino. Hopefully he’ll stick to online casinos in future.

It’ll likely be a very different summer for the Leicester players this year. Jamie Vardy, who played for years in the non-league, and at one point playing with an electronic ankle tag due to a court-imposed curfew, will be playing for England at the European Championships in France. He will also be in talks for a possible Hollywood movie, and beginning the autobiography for which he was reportedly paid £250,000. For the most unlikely winners ever, life just gets strangers and stranger…

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