Bet365 Bulgaria Takes Gambling Commission to Court

Bet365 Bulgaria

Bet365 Bulgaria was heard by the Administrative Court of Sofia on the base of their appeal against the State Commission on Gambling.

In 2014, Bet365 applied for a license in Bulgaria, which was granted a year later by the State Commission on Gambling. Shortly after, the gaming regulatory body changed its decision and revoked the license of Bet365 Bulgaria. According to the commission, Bet365 violated several of Bulgarian gambling laws, which resulted in the sports betting operator’s inclusion on the infamous online casino blacklist of the country.

Second hearing for Bet365 Bulgaria in May

International operators complained about Bulgaria’s severe gambling laws and framework that seem to be in favor of national gambling companies. Bet365 confirmed that it will challenge the commission’s decision on court. The hearing of the company’s appeal was held on April 28 and a second hearing was scheduled for 5th of May. This is Bet365’s second appeal in Eastern Europe as last year the operator challenged the Romanian gambling regulator’s decision to revoke their license.

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