LeoVegas Casino’s Rodren Vella Wins at the Anglesey Coastal Circuit

Rodren Vella Civic Cup Team LeoVegas Casino

August is another great month for LeoVegas Casino since both car racers sponsored by them have accomplished great achievements.

LeoVegas Casino is in a full-on festive mode after Rodren Vella’s win in the Anglesey Coastal Circuit during the Tegiwa Civic Cup. The young Maltese high octane racer took over immediately after the second lap and he was leading all over to the finish. LeoVegas Casino is really proud of their protegee, who’s also sponsored by them. According to Maltese gambling news, Vella’s distinctive orange car represents the LeoVegas Casino brand.

Vella’s first place at the Anglesey Coastal Circuit placed him at the seventh overall position on the Tegiwa Civic Cup Class B standings. As the Seven Fifty Motor Club puts, the Tegiwa Civic Cup is a “High profile Honda Based Championship race series aimed at providing a fast, close, and exciting form of Motorsport, with tightly controlled regulations.” The event is aimed at Honda Civics belonging to the B16 and K20 series, produced between 1990 and 2013.

LeoVegas Casino keeps on winning

LeoVegas Casino has one more reason to celebrate. The online casino destination’s Norwegian Country Manager, Alex Winther has completed the 2015 European Modball Rally, a race from London to Barcelona that passes through Paris, Lyon and Monaco, featuring 180 cars. Winther sported a bright orange Audi S6 dressed as Superman.

As Winther said: “the Modball Rally was an amazing experience and I’m grateful that LeoVegas helped me take part.” He was really pleased with the fantastic car that allowed to “take the LeoVegas brand across Europe in one of the most fun and exciting ways imaginable.” In their statement, the Maltese internet casino expressed high hopes for Vella too: “The Civic Cup is just over half way through, so we hope Rodren can maintain this momentum all the way to Donington in October.”

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