Lighter Gambling Regulation In Sweden Under Parliamentarian Review

Swedish parliamentarian to visit Gibraltar to study gambling.

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Sweden is a highly taxed country where anyone except other Scandinavians would freak out at a massive cut (often well over 50%) that the government grabs in tax revenues. Gambling profits are also subject to nearly barbarian procedures where the lord (government) lives off peasant’s (hard-working citizen’s) labor and luck.

At the same time, Swedish gambling laws limit casinos from freely operating, while protecting state gambling monopolies. There are some men who think it is not right. Indeed, there is an ongoing debate in the Swedish parliament about breaking up this monopoly and installing a system where legitimate casinos will be able to operate under state licenses.

In a report by Swedish gambling news, Gustaf Hoffstendt, a member of parliament, has been observing closely other countries and their gambling industries. A model he chose to further study is coming from Gibraltar.

This tiny state, controlled by the UK, happens to be a major player in the online gambling market, including mobile casino gambling. In fact, Gibraltar-licensed casinos are as strong as the Rock of Gibraltar. This is certainly due to the British friendly approach to the gambling industry. British casinos and sportsbooks happen to be very advanced and strong players. (The Americans apparently don’t follow the lead.)

Once Mr. Hoffstendt reaches Gibraltar, he will closely study what the country has to offer in terms of gambling regulation and opportunities. We’re not sure, though, if he’s going to play and, if so, whether the gambling credits will be provided by the taxpayer to further subsidize the study.

Seems the man tends to get bored in Sweden, as he stated: ”I’m from a rather isolated place myself, the island of Gotland in the middle of the Baltic Sea with only 57,000 inhabitants.”

The parliamentarian added that he’d like to see the gambling industry flourish on the island. Good luck in Gibraltar, Mr. Hoffstendt. Have fun and give the same to your island’s residents.

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