Limited Zidane Coaching Experience No Problem for Real Madrid

Zidane Madrid coach

The lack of Zidane coaching experience makes him an interesting choice to succeed Benitez, but exciting times are coming for Madrid.

  • Zidane is the fans’ man
  • Zizou took the hardest job in football
  • His quest is to succeed as a manager too

Real Madrid announced on Monday that Rafa Benitez was relieved from his duties as manager and club legend Zinedine Zidane will take over the team. Though most of those who bet on sports in Spain consider Zizou as one of the best footballers who ever played the game, the weak Zidane coaching experience make the new manager a doubt in the hardest job in football. Still, he is who was wanted by the people.

Only thing against the decision is limited Zidane coaching experience

Not long ago, Zinedine Zidane hadn’t had the proper license to coach a full side yet. Not even a youth one. Still, few of those who involved in internet betting in the EU thought that he wasn’t qualified for the job. He knows about football well enough to command virtually every side in the world. His intellectual approach towards the game would make him a great tactician. But he still had to learn man-management, long-term strategy and planning.

Zidane main coach Madrid

Zidane is just as diligent as a coach as he was as a player (Photo: Alex Livesey via Managing Madrid)

Zizou is considered one of the best footballers ever, however his silent, low-key personal character rather makes him a perfect assistant manager. Just like he was for Carlo Ancelotti. Still, no one expected him to be a No. 2 for long. His quest is to succeed as a manager. He was the best on the field and now he has to become the best next to the sidelines too.

The limited Zidane coaching experience will be talked about a lot in the coming days. However, Pep Guardiola proved at Barcelona that that is not necessary for success, if you are prepared for the job. Well, Zidane studied alongside Jose Mourinho, Carlo Ancelotti and Rafa Benitez. He also played for Vicente de Bosque, the best Real Madrid manager in the last 40 years.

Zidane managerial debut coming soon

He had every opportunity to prepare for the job, but still, it would have been far more reasonable to give him a full offseason to implement his ideas to the team. Now he is in the middle of it, with tests coming every week. Some might fear for him, since if there is a place where no one is irreplaceable, that is certainly the Estadio Bernabeu. However, fans will be patient this time for sure, so Perez or his successor will definitely grant the time for him.

Time will tell that despite the limited Zidane coaching experience, he will be a fit for Real Madrid, or not. Even if he fails at the Bernabeu, he could succeed somewhere else, since this is a very special job, arguably the hardest in football. His first game will be against Deportivo La Coruna this weekend. However, his ideas could take shape somewhere around the middle of February, when Real Madrid will start their Champions League knockout campaign against AS Roma.

These are exciting times for Madrid supporters and other football fans and internet betting players all around the world. Watch out for Real Madrid’s games, as it will be extremely interesting what Zizou can make of this superbly talented player pool despite the limited Zidane coaching experience.

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