Two Live Roulette Success Stories in One Week at Royal Panda Casino

Live roulette success stories

One of the most popular games at online casino sites in the United Kingdom, live roulette paid €438,440 to two players. Find out the names of their lucky games and repeat the live roulette success stories!

Paul | win: €325,440 | game: Roulette Professional Series

32-year old Nicholas went with a high roller table, the Roulette Professional Series. He started with wins around €30-40,000’s. Riding the winning streak, he ended up with a total of €113,000. This table is available only to VIP players and its maximum bet is a whopping €90,000.

Paul | win: €325,440 | game: Royal Panda Live Roulette

Paul choose Royal Panda Casino’s exclusive live roulette table. This classic roulette title is perfect for every budget. Paul, who is 35-years old and lives in the UK, started with an unbelievable €70,170 win and continued playing until his balance was at €325,440.

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