This Week in Pictures: July 18 – 24, 2017

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Around the world last week numerous big news stories hit the headlines but did you catch all of them? Just in case you didn’t we review some of the biggest and most important.

In the US last week President Donald Trump expressed doubt that Russia interfered in last year’s General Election in the United States. This follows news reports that implicate Jeff Sessions, the Attorney General, in the ongoing scandal and the resignation of embattled and entrenched Press Secretary Sean Spicer. President Trump also hired new lawyers last week who immediately assured the US public their Commander in Chief would not use the executive power of pardon to pardon himself.

In the Aegean a 6.7 magnitude earthquake last week left two dead and widespread damage across a range of both Greek and Turkish tourist resorts from Kos to Bodrum. Although 200 were injured in the quake the deputy Mayor of Kos, David Yerasklis, described the low death toll as being “a miracle” given the timing of the disaster, a quarter past one in the morning on Friday. Many of of the injured were flown to Athens and Crete for treatment and clean up efforts began with aftershocks continuing.

In Texas a failed attempt to smuggle humans into the United States ended in tragedy when a truck in a Wallmart parking lot in San Antonio, Texas, was discovered to contain 39 people many of whom were in a critical condition suffering from dehydration, asphyxiation and heat exhaustion. Eight were pronounced dead on site with another dying later in hospital. The driver of the vehicle, James Mathew Bradley Jr of Clearwater Florida was arrested and could face a lengthy jail sentence if convicted.

In sports Justin Spieth may have won The Open, Chris Froome could well have won the Tour de France but it’s England’s victory over India in women’s cricket that set the sporting world alight last week with a superbly close fought match between these two sides in which Anya Shrubsole took 6 for 46 and Punam Raut got a stunning 86 as the visitors lost at Lords by the tiny margin of just nine runs, but was this the turning point for the sport? Read our daily news pages to find out after we review the big stories of last week.

1. We took a look at a few of the best young footballers from Spain, Italy, and Portugal.

Marco Asenio news

Marco Asenio was recently signed to Real Madrid for a mere 3.5 million Euros (photo:

2. Who are the hottest prospects heading into the 2018 NHL season? We at GamingZion took a look.

Connor McDavid player

At 20 years of age, Connor McDavid is already one of the highest paid athletes in the NHL (photo:

3. With the MLB playoffs now approaching, now is a good time to look at some of the best World Series betting underdogs to bet on.

Cardinals pitcher

The Cardinals have some tremendous odds to make money heading into the postseason (photo:

4. Kevin Lee recently gave a quote on Conor McGregor. We take a look at what it means.

Conor McGregor

Lee is coming off a first round submission win over Michael Chiesa (photo:

5. We take a look at the recent news of Alvaro Morato joining Chelsea.

Morato on Chelsea

Alvaro Morato is one of the most exciting additions to Chelsea in years (photo:

6. Do you want to bet on the NBA in the Philippines? We take a look at the best site to do so.

Filipino NBA betting

The Philippines has one of the biggest basketball fan bases in the world (photo:

7. We broke down the betting odds for who wins the Conservative Leadership set by Bet365.

UK politics betting odds

Could Jacob Rees-Mogg earn the unexpected win this year? (photo:

Meanwhile in the Philippines a new law banning smoking any public place, inside or outside, came into effect last week with a penalty of some four months in prison and a fine of 5,000 Pesos. Dedicated smoking areas will be created at least 10m from building entrances for adults and special Anti-Smoking Task Force will enforce the new regulations. With some estimates placing the percentage of adult males who smoke at some 50% it remains to be seen how popular the new measure of President Rodrigo Duterte will be.

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