Mediterranean Football Talents – Who Are The Best Football Youngsters in Spain, Italy and Portugal?

Talented Players Mediterranean Area

Come with us on a scouting journey to find out who the best Mediterranean football stars are!

Are you interested in finding the best football talents in the Mediterranean region, from where world class players keep coming up every year. Let us help you introducing the youngest football players who have high chances of becoming future football stars and whose developments are followed thoroughly by online sportsbooks in Spain, Italy and Portugal. And the entire football world has high expectations towards them so let us help you find out what we can expect from the best Mediterranean football talents.

Here’s to find future football stars in Italy

Fiorentina’s #10 Federico Bernardeschi is definitely one of the brightest football talents in Italy. The 23-year-old winger is already an important player for his club and he is also about to make a name for himself to be a regular player for the Italian national team as well. In addition, Juventus is said to be interested in signing him from the rival Violas. Will Bernardeschi sign for Juventus? 

However, Bernardeschi is not the only hope at Serie A club’s academies: Napoli is also about to develop another world class Italian footballer: Gianluca Geatano is only at the U17 team at Napoli, but all football experts firmly claim that he is to become key player for the Italian team sooner or later. We’ll see, but for sure you can learn a bit more about Gianluca Gaetano by clicking here.

Who is the most talented football player in Portugal?

Replacing Portuguese football stars will not be an easy task: Portugal are the current European Champions as they won Euro 2016 in France. Finding the best young football talents in Portugal hence is going to become a key factor in the near future as the core players of the victorious side are not made of the youngest players. However, online betting news in Portugal are already eager to see the 17-year-old Afonso Sousa’s development, who is expected to become the biggest football star in Portugal in the future.

Real Madrid owns the best football youngsters in Spain

One of the most talented Spanish football players can be found at Real Madrid’s youngster academy. The team that is managed by former Real Madrid legend José Guti, features the free kick master Oscar Rodriguez as well. We tried to explain a bit more about his talent right here. Take a look at this article if you’d like to find out a bit more about the diamond in Real Madrid Juvenil A!

Last season also discovered an incredible talent at Real Madrid. Marco Asensio has been purchased for a ridiculous €3,5 million transfer fee from Espanyol. What he performed last season was something completely amazing. He scored in every tournament on his debuting matches, and he even scored in the Champions League final. Totally amazing, and he’s still only 21 years old!

A while ago, we have also written an article about Dani Ceballos. Back then he was just done with his participation at the Euro U21 Championship and he was the best player of the tournament. Many clubs wanted to capture him but online sportsbooks in Spain expected him to sign for Real Madrid. And so he did: Dani Ceballos is officially a Real Madrid player by now and is looking forward to the US tour in the pre-season, where his fate will be decided by Zidane: if he is to stay for next season or will he be loaned out?

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