Future Hamsik Found in Napoli Academy? Meet Gianluca Gaetano!

Gaetano Napoli U19 Future Hamsik

Future Hamsik found, or just a random Italian talent who could be anything? Let’s learn more about Gianluca Gaetano!

Who is Gianluca Gaetano? One could ask that if one would not be familiat with online betting news in Italy, who keep reporting about the possible future Hamsik being found at Napoli’s academy. Not without a good reason, to be honest: The young Italian football talent shares lots of similarities with the Slovak.

First of all, both players are playing for Napoli. Okay, one is the biggest star of the adult team and the other is the biggest young promise of the youth squad, but still. Moreover, both love the number 10. And both also play in the attacking midfielder’s position. And Gaetano can actually learn from Hamsik on the trainings.

Future Hamsik found in Gaetano?

Will Gaetano be the next Napoli star? Can Gaetano become a famous footballer and will Gaetano be one of the best Italian midfielders? Will he prove himself to be good enough to make the most out of his career and prove scouts to be right when they predict an extremely bright future for the Italian youngster?

The 17-year-old boy plays for Napoli U19 and has been rather convincing so far, even though he has been playing against older rivals. He is also member iof the Italy U17 squad as of today but Napoli hope to turn him into the biggest Italian football stars in the future. Will Gaetano become one of the best Italian footballers? Place your bets at online sportsbooks in Italy!

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