The Biggest Football Talents in Serbia: Dusan Vlahovic

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Dusan Vlahovic really is one of the biggest football talents in Serbia, and we are telling you the reasons why. However, one question remains unknown.  Will he get himself a name in European top football, or will he disappear among the rest of the failed youngsters?

Online betting news in Serbia would probably get offended even because of the question, but it is a question that we must ask: is Dusan Vlahovic really one of the biggest football talents in Serbia? And if so, is he going to prove himself good enough to reach the level of a top European footballer?

Of course there is a lot of time ahead of him. He is still only 17 years old, yet Vlahovic is already playing for Partizan Beograd. He has been with the adult team since 2016. Vlahovic participated in 21 matches since then and he even scored his very first goal. Is he going to improve enough to make it to the international team as well?

Dusan Vlahovic and the Serbian international team

Dusan Vlahovic is a true Belgradian. He has been born there and lived all his life in the capital of now Serbia, then Yugoslavia. Now he’s playing for the most popular local team in the first division. At the age of 17, he plays against full-grown men. In addition, he’s already playing for the international youth teams. Started at U15, took the next level to U16 and now he stepped up a few steps along the way.

Dusan Vlahovic is already playing for the U19 team where he scored twice in 8 games. The next step might actually be the adult team, which has not been very successful in recent times. Is Dusan Vlahovic going to be the solution for the crisis of Serbian football? Place your bets on him now at online sportsbooks in Serbia if you have high hopes in his talent!

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