A Long Shot Bet on Armenia to Join NATO Might Be Worthwhile

A Long Shot Bet on Armenia to Join NATO Might Be Worthwhile

Armenia finds itself stuck in a difficult situation between Russia and NATO. It has to keep the right balance in order not to upset both parties. So, why should you bet on Armenia to join NATO at all?

The possibility of Armenia joining NATO or the North Atlantic Treaty Organization is very slim, according to online gambling news in Armenia. In all honesty, this move is like Armenia shaking its own fragile position since Russia’s dislike of NATO is very apparent. Undoubtedly, Armenia would not want to face the consequences of upsetting Russia. What are the odds for Armenia to join NATO then?

Armenia and NATO’s Relationship

According to betting sites in Armenia, 1001.00 are the betting odds for Armenia to join NATO before the year 2021. If something were to happen which pushes Armenia to make this decision, NATO would be inclined to accept this membership. After all, the mutual partnership has been ongoing for over 20 years.

If that’s not enough to convince you, how about the fact that Armenia contributes to NATO-led operations? Armenia has supported NATO by sending troops to Kosovo and Afghanistan as a part of their security cooperation. NATO has massively benefited from this amicable relationship, and vice versa.

NATO has helped Armenia with its civil emergence planning to improve the process of dealing with disaster and threats in the country. Additionally, Armenia has also received grants for scientific and environmental collaboration projects. Being on good terms with NATO comes with many advantages.

Bet on Armenia to join NATO by 2021!

If you would like to bet on Armenia to join NATO, online gambling sites in Armenia predict 1001.00 odds for this to occur before 2021. Granted, it’s a long shot bet. But if it came true, your investment would be worth a lot of whiles indeed! So don’t wait any longer. Head to Vbet Sportsbook and place your bet right away. The great news is you can get bonus money of up to 100 Euros upon your first deposit.

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