Lottery ticket bought near pilgrimage site wins €73million in Jackpot Miracle

Jackpot Miracle

Jackpot Miracle! God has intervened in Euromillions, handing the €73million jackpot to a ticket bought near the Portuguese pilgrimage site of Fatima

Religion doesn’t often feature in gambling news, but a jackpot miracle this week will leave every gambler wishing they had the almighty of their side. While it hasn’t been confirmed if the ticket buyer was Christian, they certainly will be now.

Hailed as a jackpot miracle, the news will worry non-religious players of online lotto in Portugal. The Iberian nation has been very successful with Euromillions, however, and this is the 59th jackpot they have won.

Jackpot Miracle follows strong tradition of divine intervention in Fatima

The jackpot miracle ticket was bought in a cafe in the village of Aljustrel, in Central Portugal. This was village was once the home to the three shepherd children who saw visions of the Virgin Mary in nearby Fatima. According to local belief, the mother of Jesus was sent to communicate the importance of repentance and prayer.

Significantly, Mary visited these village children between May and October of 1917, appearing on the 13th of each month. That the jackpot miracle occurred 99 years after her first appearance is against all odds, as this is the time of the traditional pilgrimage.

Fatima has been visited by three popes: Benedict XVI, Paul VI, and three-time-visitor John Paul II who believed that Our Lady of Fatima had saved his life after an assassination attempt in 1981. Pope Francis may visit next year for the centenary of the miracle, and he’ll be sure to buy a lotto ticket!

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