Luck In Ancient Mythology – Guide To The Blessing Of Fortune


Posted: May 15, 2024

Updated: May 15, 2024

  • What luck is?
  • Why do people pray for deities?
  • Luck in ancient mythology

Today we are going to present you with luck in ancient mythology! Learn what luck meant for a civilization that was vastly different from ours. People were motivated by this luck and in a way? It truly did manifest something in them. However, you will never win a gambling game just because you feel blessed. But feeling blessed might help you defeat the fear of athletic prowess.

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Today we are going to talk about luck in ancient mythology. We have written similar articles before, but right now we are going to focus on the cultural and anthropological elements of luck and fortune. It is a powerful phenomenon, as the belief and philosophy of luck managed to imprint itself deep into the DNA of humans. Thanks to our belief in luck, we created casinos, we started wars, thinking we were gifted luck by gods, and generally, even if leaders lied consciously, it surely managed to inspire warriors, which led to a physical boost and victory.

As you can see, such a half-true concept can be powerful enough to motivate humans and make them achieve great things. Of course, if you are not a fan of anthropology, you can always just register at some of the online gambling sites in Greece and play!

About Luck In Ancient Mythology

First things first, we have to define luck. There was a form of gambling in ancient Greece, but luck back then meant much more than just playing games. Luck, in essence, was something to be carried, or to be blessed by. Today, the religious and magical ideas of such things are fading from our society. From a mere episodic concept, it is now merely a debate of metaphysics. Back in the day, people could feel luck within their bodies, probably as a form of placebo of sorts.

The brain is a powerful thing, and the less we know, the more it can physically manifest into our beliefs and feelings. This long-lost phenomenon from humans was a gate to many different practices and beliefs. Today, we can not quite feel the blessing when we are playing gambling games. However, we can still enjoy gambling games. For some of the mythological slots, we recommend TheLotter.

Blessing of Luck

How Did Luck Manifest In Society?

There are several different ways in which we can speculate how luck felt back in the day. Instead of making speculations, let us see the human reactions of gamblers. According to Researchgate, the following behaviors were noted by scholars and academics:

  • The concept of luck, good chance, and fortune manifested as a quality inherent in the man and his lineage, as a part of their strength, intelligence, and skills.
  • This concept of luck was granted by some sort of higher power.
  • Believing in the possession of luck, created the “happy-go-lucky” effect, which made humans less anxious and calculating towards given events.
  • Often, it helped them defeat fear, which is essential to prowess in many fields, as we can see at the Olympics.
  • Those who were lucky were considered a hero, a man of luck.

This phenomenon and belief created luck in ancient mythology. As written in many myths, people started to believe in blessed individuals.

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Deities Of Luck In Ancient Mythology

As we mentioned beforeluck was granted to people from a higher power. No matter what they believed in, essentially they had to establish a sense of communication between the sacred and the mundane. The most common way of establishing this connection was through rituals and prayers. According to the Theoi, Tyche was the Goddess of Gambling. However, there are many different deities among the Gods of gambling. Often these deities had their personalities and preferences. For example, Apollo rewarded travelers with luck.

At the same time, Artemis blessed the hunters with the fortune of safety and luck. Deities such as Ares brought luck in war, and so on. Essentially, based on the personality and cosmology of gods, they granted luck in different fields of life. In these fields, often the people were established into roles. By being a worshiper of a God, we overwrote our role as a cult member.

lucky talismans

Talismans And Unique Rituals

So, how did people try to evoke the blessings of gods? Well, the easiest answer would be: In any way they could. However, the case is much more complex than that. According to History, people believed in the power of talismans and symbols. Symbols had a meaning and a power. Some talismans kept demons and negative entities away. However, some talismans served to represent our intentions without having to understand each other’s language.

Some of the greatest talismans always believed in bringing good fortune, or representing the message of “in good faith”. Therefore, luck in ancient mythology often manifested in different symbols and talismans. In the epos, luck, and solutions to problems were always granted through physical items that represented the gift of greater power.

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Blessings And Gifts – Luck In Ancient Mythology


Of course, the manifestation of fortune was not something everyone understood. People knew what it was, they just couldn’t quite understand the rituals. Therefore, they visited priests, witches, and fortune tellers, hoping they would bless them. Often, there were heroes (leaders, generals, monks, etc.) who were believed to be the manifestation of fortune.

Someone like a demi-god, walking on the land of humans, yet carrying the mote and essence of the divine. People paid for these people to bless them, which had many different ways. Some sought an insight into the future with cards, while others were satisfied with simple lay-on hands. And of course, based on cultural preference, we can see how gambling is reflecting culture today.

Fortune from deities


Where To Test Your Luck?

Now that you understand everything about luck in ancient mythology, let’s talk about your luck in our modern day. Nowadays, we understand that fortune and luck are not even a thing. It is just simply getting on the good side of an event that is otherwise considered unlucky. However, there are many different ways in which luck can be interpretedSome people like to believe in evoking luck, but we recommend you stay away from magical thinking while you are in a casino.

Thanks to movies and series, often we have an episodic mindset about luck, thinking that the next one will be a blessed, meaningful moment. These are false ideas too. Understand that luck is just a thing we call a good ending, and gamble with responsibility. If you wish to play games of chance, then register at TheLotter.

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