Luis Suarez is Dropped by Main Sponsors following Biting Incident

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Not wanting to be associated with an athlete prone to controversy, Adidas takes first steps to relinquish deal with the imposing Uruguay striker.

888poker decided to cancel their endorsement deal with Luis Suarez after the latest incident made him a “persona non grata” with many fans. This also lead to other companies re-evaluating their position with the South American.

Gambling news reports that German sports apparel manufacturer Adidas has taken a firm stance showing initial signs that they will not stand by their controversial man for much longer. The World Cup serves as the greatest stage to showcase sports products to the masses, however Adidas is not left with much a choice after the biting spectacle.

Opportunity for Nike?

The German supplier opted to pull all ads from their World Cup marketing campaigns that prominently feature the Uruguay international. They will also remove a popular outdoor advertisement that boasts his face, something that many regard of being an important tourist attraction in Brazil.

The ad was strategically positioned on the popular Copacabana beach, in order to achieve great exposure. However, now Adidas has decided to replace it with an image of right-back Dani Alves, one of the heroes of the Brazilian national side.

Online sportsbooks in Spain are predicting that Suarez may join Barcelona for a cut-price transfer fee, something that American sports company Nike may also take advantage of. Nike might want sponsor Suarez to capitalize on a “bad-boy” image that he is known for.

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