Macau Faces Shortage of Croupiers

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Casinos are facing a shortage as fewer locals are willing to work in this thankless profession.

Macau’s casino industry has made gambling news by becoming the world’s foremost gambling hub, taking in $45 billion in revenue in 2013. Massive developments like the Wynn Macau and Sands Macau have popped up in recent years, employing thousands of locals and attracting high-rollers from across Asia and the Pacific.

But industry growth is finally starting to face some headwinds due to the lack of available croupiers. A survey found the profession to be one of the least satisfying in Macau. With fewer people interested in joining casino staffs but more development projects appearing, firms are facing a labor shortage.

Firms want to import labor

Macau gambling laws prohibit casinos from hiring migrant workers. The labor shortage will be exacerbated as the new SJM Holdings casino project is estimated to require 12,600 new croupiers. SJM has complained that it will be unable to fill these positions unless the government allows it to employ migrants.

While SJM is in need of new croupiers, Wynn and Sands are struggling to keep their current ones. Steve Wynn blames the labor shortage for preventing him from promoting croupiers to management positions. Instead he is compensating them by increasing salaries by 5 percent, providing bonuses worth one month’s salary, and offering shares in the company

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