Macron; The No Brain Political Betting Tip Of The Week?

Emmanuel Macron 2017

Is Emmanuel Macron on his way to the presidency of France or will the polls and bookies be proved wrong again and will we see the anti-EU Marine Le Pen rise to the top? Whatever you believe this is political betting at its very best, even if the odds at Bet365 etc don’t make it look like the most lucrative of opportunities.

French Presidential Election

• 2nd Round vote
• May 7th – 2017
• Emmanuel Macron – 1/9
• Marine Le Pen – 6/1

There was, quite honestly, a sigh of relief as Emmanuel Macron secured a narrow win over Marine Le Pen in the first round of the French Presidential Election. The daughter of famous racist Jean Marie Le Pen may have garnered sizable support when the electorate had to choose between eleven candidates, but when faced with just two it would only be the most cavalier of political betting fans that would put money on the far-right rising to power in France a nation based on liberty, equality and fraternity.

Of course it would be those self same political betting fans who would point out that predicting the results of major political votes has been a work of sheer folly in recent years with both bookies like Bet365 and all the pollsters wholly failing to spot win for Leave in the Brexit referendum in the UK or, indeed, the ascent of Donald Trump in the United States, however this is a little more clear cut with the majority of the French gambling news on May 8th will be of the obvious “En Marche!” Macron win.

French Presidential Election 2nd Round On May 7th

The centrist Macron has risen from nowhere in just 12 months to vie for the Presidency of France, and his narrow first round victory cemented him as the alternative to Le Pen’s extremism, the electorate having left the two major political parties out in the cold. Political betting might not get as simple as backing him to capture enough of those who voted for others in the first round to support him in the second round, especially as even the scandal ridden Conservative Francois Fillon will vote for Macron.

2017 French election

Francois Fillon earned just 19.9% of votes in round one of the election (photo:

Fillon only just managed to come third with 19.9% of the vote barely ahead of the hard-left Jean-Luc Melenchon who got 19.6% and if you’re not into political betting but like to bet on sports in France do understand that to wager on anyone who voted for Melechon voting for Le Pen in the second round would be like staking all you own on someone other than PSG winning the Ligue next season – it’s ridiculous. So does that mean Le Pen has no hope at all? Well not entirely, after all it’s 2017.

Back Your Choice Of French President At Bet365

In years gone by this would be a no brainer, bookies like Bet365 are giving Le Pen just 6/1 to get the Presidency whilst Macron sits on unattractively short 1/9 odds, what would be the point? The rest of the nation will unite against Le Pen’s far right rhetoric and she’ll be toast, you don’t have to be a political betting officionardo to see that, the problem is that these days we have far more external influences than in the past. Between the internet and terrorists the highwire is a bit wobbly these days.

What effect the terrorist attack that killed one policeman and injured two more on the Champs Elysees in Paris just a day before the vote had on the result is debatable, however everyone agrees there must have been an effect, and further attacks could well increase that effect, and anyone in French gambling laws of averages means the Russians aren’t really attempting to use the internet to influence the election probably needs to recalibrate their interface with reality. Macron might be the obvious bet, but these days just what has obvious to do with anything?

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