How Can You Make Money With Flat Earth Theory


Posted: January 10, 2020

Updated: January 10, 2020

  • Even if it's proven that the Earth is flat they will hide it.
  • Just look out of your window
  • Making money with flat Earth theory

Here I am to tell you how can you make money with flat Earth theory. Do you think that the earth is flat? No? Take a step back and think again! Things that we think are certain are actually just a matter of beliefes. What if you would learn in school that the American continent is a big UFO that was landed thousands and thousand years ago? Everyone would believe that and you would believe it as well. We can’t do much but trust our instinct. Just think about that North-Koreans think that they are living in a perfect country and trust me many of them believe that. Those photos of tears on the faces of people next to Kim are real. People of North Korea are told that the US is spoiled and evil, that they are lucky to live in North Korea.

So let’s turn things around a bit. What if North Korea is actually a nice place, we are just told lies to believe that we are living on the sunny side of the world? What if we are living in oppression by capitalism?  Families are separated. Old values of life are corrupted. Interpersonal connections divested. The world is ruled by banks and big corporations. But is it flat?

The psychology behind denying the flatness of the earth

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We are overflowed with fake information.

The question is not if the earth is flat, but if it can be proven. According to online sportsbooks in the US you can make bet whether the Nobel Prize will be awarded for proving the earth is flat. If we look at the odds, it is more possible than the Netherland is going to win the Europian Water-polo Championship. As we know the truth is being hidden from people.

While someone is trying to find the truth, other people are calling them idiots. It’s easy to call someone an idiot if you are not even opening your eyes. One doesn’t feel it’s chained until he starts to move. However, today’s people overflowed with information can’t be sure what to believe. And trust me, this is on purpose. If you want to bring down someone who is telling the truth you just have to make a lot of fake information and mix him in it.

The facts

Looking at the conspiration surrounding the flat Earth theory, it’s hard to believe that a prize that is in the hands of big pharma and big corporations is going to be awarded to someone who is telling the truth. Also, there is so much nonsense spread in the ears of people that if we try to come up with logical reasoning they just turn their attention off and bill us as idiots without any conversation. But let’s get down to facts.

Even ancient civilizations like early Egyptians were believing that the earth is flat. They had a rudimentary model of the earth as a disc floating in the Ocean. Of course, with modern science, we have more advanced models than that. Ancient Hebrews were also picturing that the Earth is flat and floating in the water, with an arched side that separates Earth from heaven. Anyways if you have doubts you can just go to a height where you can see far from and analyze what you see.

What about satellites?

People who don’t believe in flat Earth theory like to argue that there are satellites going around the earth. Well for them I would just say, sailing around an island will prove that it’s a sphere? No, it won’t and the same applies to satellites. Also if you check large surfaces of water they should be curved. This is what Charles K. Johnson did, as many of you know already. He went with his research group to the Tahoe lake and also to the Salton Sea. They were not able to detect any curvature. Have you ever been to Australia? Did you feel that you are hung from your feet? Of course not. Now we can head to the betting sites and make money with flat Earth theory.

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Doesn’t look round to me.Binskip Inskip [CC BY-SA]

So how does the international space station is orbiting the earth?

Well, there are some possible answers to that question. First of all, it is a lie that it’s orbiting. For some reason, scammers are trying to keep up the misbelief of a round or spherical earth, that they are capable of any lies. With today’s technology, it is really easy to manipulate pictures. Even if you know nothing about photoshop it doesn’t take a lot of time to learn to add shadows to objects and with that create a sensation of distance. On the other hand, let’s suppose that the space station is really up there in the heavens. Imagine a disc-like object.

Above the disc, there is another way smaller object if it goes from one side of the other it will reach the end of the disc. WRONG. To understand this we have to examine the behavior of gravity. There is the satellite or space station above our disc, which is there orbiting (if it does so) because of Earth’s gravity. If it reaches the edge what happens then? Surely it can’t cross over so it’s going to stay on the side. While it was traveling earth was going around. It spins like a roulette wheel. During the time our satellite is reaching the edge earth makes a perfect turn that’s why people can have the sensation, that it is coming out on the other side.

Let’s make money with flat Earth theory

While I doubt that online sportsbook news sites in the UK will present us with the information that the Nobel Prize was won by a person who proved that the earth is flat, we can always hope. On the other hand, there are many interesting things that you can bet on 1xbet. You can bet on politics, or weather, you can find almost anything. One thing you can’t find there. Proof that the Earth is spherical.

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