Man City CAS Appeal Odds and Predictions

  • Manchester City was banned by UEFA due to breaches of FFP
  • The club will skip Champions League in next two years
  • Is there any chance for Guardiola’s team to win an appeal?
Man City CAS appeal odds, Man City ban, EPL, UEFA, 1xbet sportsbook
Man City occupies second place in the EPL

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UEFA has banned Manchester City from European tournaments for two years. The English club is going to appeal, but does it have any chances to be back to the Champions League? Man City CAS appeal odds reveal the truth.

Last February, UEFA’s decision to ban the club from participating in major European competitions shocked football fans. It means that Guardiola and Co will skip the next two Champion Leagues. In addition, the club will be fined €30 million for breaking financial fair play rules during the last 5 years. Surely, the club made an appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) to cancel this decision. So, what are the chances of Man City to come back soon?

Man City CAS appeal odds: what can play for the club

To be honest, the Sky Blues have only one chance to avoid punishment, which means following the steps of PSG. To make it clear, everyone knows that the French club has way more serious FFP failures than any other football club. It was even brought to the court, but won the battle with UEFA as CAS decided that it “took too long for UEFA to review its own decision”. In fact, every football fan knows that the owners of PSG paid a lot to free the club from all charges.

According to 1xBet Sportsbook, Manchester City can still win the appeal with 2.65 odds on such a scenario. In other words, it has to buy off its right to get back to the European competitions and save its place in the EPL. In this case, UEFA’s sanctions will be lightened or even canceled. The other option will be giving City a suspended sentence which is quite popular during recent years.

Man City CAS appeal odds, Man City ban, EPL, UEFA, 1xbet sportsbook
If City loses an appeal, it may go to the lower league [CFCUnofficial (Chelsea Debs) / CC BY-SA]

Ban of Manchester City is still the most possible variant

Although the Chief Executive Officer of the FC, Ferran Soriano, denies all the accusations and the City’s fans make optimistic predictions, most of the online sportsbooks in the UK negate its chances to avoid banning. 1.42 odds show that CAS won’t cancel the two-year suspension of Man City from European competition and this decision looks also reasonable. Punishing the English club will raise expectations of following financial fair-play rules for all clubs. This will happen regardless of their status, players, and owners. 

In case of fulfilling the best Man City CAS appeal odds, the club hasn’t a bright future in front of it. Mainly, it can lose such players as Kevin De Bruyne, Bernando Silva, and Leroy Sane. Skipping two seasons of Champions League won’t be a good option for City’s top players. Hence, they are likely to leave the club during the next transfer window. Speaking about Guardiola, his destiny is still indefinite. One says he will stay, while the others bet on him to leave the club in summer.

Do you think that Man City will be banned or justified? Share your thoughts and don’t forget to read the review about 1xBet Sportsbook before making your choice.

Man City ban updates: July 2020

On July 13, 2020, it was announced that Manchester City had won the appeal against UEFA concerning their two-years international championship ban. The Court of Arbitration for Sport found most accusations against City “either not established or time-barred” and declined UEFA’s demand to ban the English Premier League club from European competitions for two years.

CAS also held that Man City has to pay €10 million fine instead of €30 million. It will allow the former EPL winners to participate in the Champions League next year, as the club secured the 2nd place in the EPL three rounds before the end. On July 11, Guardiola’s team outplayed Brighton with a 0:5 score. The 2019/20 winner of the Premier League is Liverpool.

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