Have A Bet On The 2020 PSL But Maybe Not On United Right Now

  • The Gladiators Host United In The First Match Of 2020
  • Find All The Odds To Bet On the 2020 PSL At Unibet
  • The Islamabad Captain Faces Press Frenzy Off The Pitch
Bet On The 2020 PSL
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This time all the teams look balanced and the fans will see a good contest between them.” Sarfaraz Ahmed, Captain of the Quetta Gladiators assured the media. “You can’t predict a winner.” He allowed but added amused. “But we are confident we can be the one.” He could well be right. The Gladiators are reigning champions. So they may well be in with a good shot. Certainly, they are rather tasty if misleading 5/1 bet on the 2020 PSL right now at Unibet.

Bet On The 2020 PSL
Shadab Khan – Image source: SohailKhanzada / CC0 via Wikimedia Commons

We finished the last PSL as winners at the same venue last year.” Sarfaraz enthuses. “Now we are starting our journey at the same venue, and I hope for the same result we got here then.” Which they might. Online sportsbook sites in Pakistan like Unibet are giving them 11/10 to take the first win. United are only getting 8/11. This is a tad against the accepted wisdom really. The Gladiators are getting longer odds for a bet on the 2020 PSL than the team the bookies think they’ll beat.

United Captain Shadab Khan Accused Of Blackmail

The Gladiators are 5/1 to take the trophy, United just 9/2. It makes you wonder why the bookies think they’ll win the first game twixt the two. It’s not a home-field advantage, that’s for sure. This is not as much of a mystery as it appears. Gain answers to all your questions with a quick look at the tabloid press. Shadab Khan, already under pressure as the youngest ever PSL captain, is in trouble. He’s now had to bet on the 2020 PSL starting will drown out the adverse press coverage.

Quetta vs Islamabad

  • Gladiators – 11/10
  • United – 8/11

It’s probably in vain. A Pakistani cricket star accused of blackmail by an attractive photogenic lady from Dubai? You can bet on the 2020 PSL to keep the attention of those who regularly bet on sports in Pakistan, but anyone else? It’s too juicy. Ashreena Safia claims Shadab threatened to release nude pictures of her if she made their relationship public. So there’s that to look forward to. This is not what the United Captain needed as tournament preparation. It has to hurt.

You Can Bet On The 2020 PSL At Unibet Today

To just what degree this might put United off their stride is debatable. Fielding awkward questions from the press is Sports Star 101 these days. However, it surely may damage their concentration if it drags on. The bookies like Unibet already give the Gladiators the edge on Thursday. All other things being equal you’d expect Islamabad to start this year with a win. With this distraction on the periphery, they’re actually less of a worthwhile bet on the 2020 PSL.

2020 PSL Betting Odds

  • Quetta Gladiators – 5/1
  • Multan Sultans – 9/2
  • Islamabad United – 9/2
  • Peshawar Zalmi – 9/2
  • Lahore Qalandars – 4/1
  • Karachi Kings – 3/1

I’m sorry to all the girls who reached out for help when they were used and taken advantage of by the person I was with.” Safia posted on Instagram. “I believed his lies and unconsciously enabled his behavior.” Which alarmingly means there could be others with accusations to make. It could even make taking advantage of Pakistani gambling laws to back them a bad idea. After all, Islamabad will be a bad bet on the 2020 PSL if their Captain is in jail for various nefarious.

We take a look at why a bet on the 2020 PSL winners doesn’t necessarily indicate who to back in the first match of the tournament.

You can see more about these odds here at Unibet Sportsbook.

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