Man Suspected of Raiding Hartlepool Betting Shop Sentenced to Prison

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Schizophrenic suspect jailed after being found guilty for raiding sportsbook in Hartlepool.

Marcus Davies rushed into Ladbrokes threatening with a baseball bat, as he proceeded to rob the mobile betting firm in excess of GBP 350.

The court sentenced him to three years in prison, where he is expected to receive the appropriate treatment and medication for his ailment.

Peter Makepeace, one of the men present at the court, stated about Davies, “he has been diagnosed with schizophrenia which is made worse by substance misuse.”

The prosecutor, David Crook, explained at the court how the events unfolded, as Davies demanded cash from customer service manager Amy Webster.

“Ms Webster was carrying out her normal duties when the defendant entered. He was wearing a balaclava pulled down over his face and had a rucksack. He produced a large wooden object, it’s thought it was a baseball bat, and said ‘put the money in there, put the money in there.’ ”

Judge believes the public has to be protected

Judge George Moorehouse gave insight on how the suspect proceeded with his raid at Ladbrokes, which is one of the most popular firms to bet on sports in the UK.

”You forced the lady to hand over money to the value of £356. It is quite clear this young lady, who was on her own at the time, was terrified and frightened. You had a weapon with you, you were disguised and the matter was clearly pre-planned. Members of the public have to be protected.”

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