Manchester City Prepare for a Spectacle this Sunday against Chelsea

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Chelsea travel to Manchester on Sunday to face defending champions City as they aim to build on current momentum and push on with their title aspirations.

The upcoming weekend will prove to be an eventful one in the Premier League as Manchester City square off against Jose Mourinho’s men. Some might even call this a spectacle of the super-rich as both teams owe their success to their billionaire owners. Chelsea have so far experienced an incredible run by securing all four wins and therefore jumping to the top.

The blue club from Manchester is currently trailing behind the Premier League leaders in fifth place, with two wins, one draw and one loss in four games. If Chelsea were to win on Sunday, then they would create a gap of 8 points between them and City. However, fans know that it is still early in the season so whatever happens on Sunday may have different results in the end.

History between the two Blues

• Chelsea sits on top of the league with 4 wins

• Manchester City will have home field advantage

• Diego Costa – Chelsea’s main attacking threat

• A draw between to two sides is likely

The two teams have so far faced each other on 140 occasions throughout football history, with the vast majority of those matches occurring in the Premier League and the old First Division. A total of 71 matches were played on City’s home ground, out of which they have managed to win 33, draw 16 and lose 22 games on those occasions, according to gambling news UK.

The statistics show that Chelsea is not too far off, as the winning mark difference of 11 separating the two sides. Since Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich bought the London club in 2003, Chelsea have mainly always won when traveling to play City away. The club from the North West of England just couldn’t fight with the might Chelsea posed.

However, with time more and more foreign investors were looking into entering the top flight of English football. In 2008 the Abu Dhabi United Group decided to purchase City for a speculated fee of around GBP 200 million. Soon after the takeover, many big-name signings were recruited and the club embarked on a mission to win as many titles as possible.

Since then, the results also started shaping up in favor of City when they played at home, as reported by online sportsbook in the UK. They were no longer an easy team to beat considering the plethora of talent that they assembled in the squad. Although City lost against Chelsea at home last season, they still managed to secure the Premier League title.

Before last season’s home loss, Manuel Pellegrini’s men won four home games in a row against Chelsea in the Premier League. Starting from 2009-2010 season, City went on to claim the bragging rights whenever the London club came to visit them. For a while it seemed as if Chelsea could not break them up when they travelled to the North West.

Sportsbooks favor City for the win

Taking note of recent statistics, many mobile betting providers give Manchester City the edge in sealing a win on home turf, despite the fact that Chelsea in form and tops the league. Playing at home has numerous benefits, which is highlighted in the fact that Bet365 gave odds of 2.37 (11/8) in favor of City winning the encounter.

Despite the odds, the London club still pose a serious threat to make an upset. Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho decided to rest his most lethal striking talent, Diego Costa, in the Champions League match against Schalke. He made this move intentionally in order to rest his main man and have him ready to fire on all cylinders once Sunday comes.

Costa has scored an impressive 7 goals in a mere 4 outings in the Chelsea shirt. Bet365 has assigned odds of 3.10 (21/10) for Chelsea to win, and considering the circumstances this bet may prove to be a lucrative pursuit. However, the safest option might perhaps lie in placing a wager on a draw between the two sides, as the odds stand at 3.5 (5/2).

Some punters that want to play it safe and not bet on the outcome of the game, might want to consider betting on Costa scoring, seeing that the likelihood of that is rather high. Placing a wager on him scoring at anytime amounts to odds of 2.30 (13/10) at Bet365. On the other side, City’s striker Aguero has odds of 2.20 (6/5) for becoming a goalscorer at anytime.

Additionally, betting on over 2.5 goals in the game seems like another safe bet as Bet365 odds for that are 1.80 (4/5). While placing a wager on under 2.5 goals is just slightly more risky with odds of 2.00 (1/1). As with previous editions of the encounter, this Sunday is also looking to be a thrilling match between the two heavyweights of the Premier League.

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