Manitoba Gambling Law to Enact Single Game Sports Betting in Canada


Posted: November 17, 2011

Updated: October 4, 2017

A bill up for consideration to change Manitoba gambling law and legalize single game sports betting in Canada on single games.

According to online gambling news in Canada, a NDP MP proposed legislation would legalize online sportsbooks in Canada province on Manitoba.

The Manitoba gambling law, if enacted, would apply exclusively to single sporting events such as the Superbowl or the World Series. Experts believe that this is the first step that will eventually lead to Manitoba permitting its residents to gamble at online casinos in Canada.

Ontario NDP MP Joe Comartin bill got through the second reading in Parliament without a single objection. The bill would modify Canadian gambling laws as well as the criminal statute which current makes it a crime for residents of Manitoba to gamble on single sporting events.

Despite the prohibition, single event betting is the post popular type of sports betting in Canada, but unfortunately not a single dollar of the millions wagered on single events reaches that state tax coffers.

When the new Canadian gambling law gets enacted, thousands of bets made from Manitoba will become taxed. Currently, local residents are forced to place bets with shady bookies or organized crime members without protection against possible fraud or violence.

A recent study showed that almost 95% of all bets placed within Manitoba pass through the hands of organized crime, enriching mobsters at the expense of provincial tax coffers.

MP Comartin’s bill for legalized online sports betting in Canada’s province of Manitoba must survive the third and final reading before the actual vote.

Based on the current lack of even a single opposing vote, it is almost guaranteed that Manitoba will have a regulated sports betting industry by early 2012 as well as a large number of new jobs in Niagra Falls and Windsor

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