Mayweather Khan Bout is a Definite Possibility

Amir Khan, Floyd Mayweather jr

The Unified Welterweight Champion wants his last bout to be in September.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. just won a 12-round bout against Manny Pacquiao by decision. The “Fight of the Century” was seen by many as disappointing. Although Mayweather may not be the true “people’s champion”, judging by the “boos” of the crowd before and after the fight, his skill as a fighter cannot be denied. Well known in US gambling news was the influx of wagers on Pacquiao within 30 minutes of the 1st round.

• Amir Khan has been trying to negotiate a bout with Mayweather.
• Mayweather said wants one more bout to end his contract with Showtime.
• Mayweather wanted to fight in September, but Khan can’t train during Ramadan.

Regardless of preference, the attention the bout received was monumental. Former two-time world welterweight and light welterweight champion Amir Khan has been trying to negotiate a bout with Mayweather. Khan wanted a bout that would reward him handsomely for the work done throughout his career. Mayweather, caught up in preparations, didn’t consider Khan. That is until now.

Mayweather intends to relinquish his belts

Throughout the length of his preparations for the “Fight of the Century”, Mayweather has always said that he intends to fight one more time following the Pacquiao bout. It isn’t a surprise considering that Mayweather has retired more than once in his career, but seems to be always drawn out of it. Having been in the four largest grossing non-heavyweight fights of all time, perhaps Mayweather is flushed out by the large amounts of revenue

Since he said that he would relinquish all his titles, Mayweather might be serious this time. Mayweather needs to fight one more bout to fulfill his contract with Showtime, the cable, pay-per-view channel. Not doing so would be a breach of contract which may result in Mayweather paying large fines. Mayweather has said he has every intention to finalize his contract with Showtime.

At the MGM Grand last Saturday, when asked about his next fight, Mayweather said he plans on fighting in September. Judging by all of the Mayweather preferences in his contract with Pacquiao, we can ascertain that Mayweather will fight whenever he says so. Now comes the question about who he should fight. Having little left to prove in the world of boxing, it would be understandable for Mayweather to “go out light.”

Floyd Mayweather Sr. trained his son for the Pacquiao bout and believes that Mayweather shouldn’t strain himself to much in his final bout. “I’ll tell you what I think my son should do in September-given he’s fought all the hard hitters- my son needs to get his contract and end it with an easy fight, he don’t need no tough fights.” Such an outcome may disappoint any punter hoping to wage according to US gambling laws.

Mayweather may want a “lighter” bout in September

Khan in the corner
Since Amir Khan doesn’t currently hold any titles, his match with Mayweather would be a non-title fight. An opponent like Amir Khan has the skill level to make the fight somewhat interesting without completely embarrassing himself in the process. The final bout could easily have a “celebratory” feeling to it where fans and enthusiasts would watch to pay homage to Mayweather’s career by watching him one last time.

Such an event could benefit Mayweather and give him one last time to make some sort of “heartfelt” connection with fans. A fighter like Khan wouldn’t pose a threat to Mayweather. Mayweather Senior agrees. “Yes, that’d be a good fight for him. My son would beat him, I know. Of course it would be easier than Pacquiao. Khan has a pretty decent jab but all the technical things, he can’t do.”

Khan, who was just as interested in fighting Pacquiao, is scheduled to fight Chis Algieri on May 29th. This has always been a “sticking point” for a Khan bout in September. Khan, a Muslim, has already spoken out against having to train while fasting during Ramadan. “I am ready for whatever he wants. I can’t do September because of Ramadan but if we can do this year or early next year, I will definitely jump to it”, said Khan.

Although many people made money through online sportsbooks in the US, the bout wasn’t considered “classic Mayweather.” There was clearly more support for Pacquiao. Perhaps it’s not necessary for Mayweather to end his career with a rematch. Like his father said “sometimes, he’s so good that people don’t appreciate it, until he’s gone and died. They won’t appreciate him until he’s a goner.”

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