Pros on Bikes: Tips to Help Cyclists Keep Fit While On Holidays

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Cycling is serious sport which often requires training and dedication, so steal a few moments while you are on holiday to train.

With summer coming up and the Tour de France debuting 4 of July, cycling fans are gearing up for a great holiday. But that’s just it. How do you keep fit while on summer holidays? Already cyclists should know that researchers in Norway shows that by just fitting in just 4 minutes of energetic exercise, three times a week while on holiday will keep you fit.

For cyclists who have to grind up a hill in a saddle they need a strong core to reduce the waste of energy linked to body sway. So these exercises will, among other things, help strengthen your core muscles and keep those calves of steel active, all while you are on holiday.

Lapping at the pool

Hanging out by the pool? Then before you indulge in your mobile betting while drinking your Sangria, take the time to do a simple 6-length warm up then do 5 laps. But not just any five laps of 6 lengths. Try alternating back stroke with the crawl. Carry on with the final six lengths of the easier breast stroke.

Next comes tanning and toning at the same time. Hanging out at the beach all day is as good as cruising UK sports betting sites and it’d be great to take the opportunity to tone up those sculpted muscles from all that cycling you do.

Stay strong in the back

Beach volleyball
So before (or after) grabbing a handful of chips from the chips basket hanging around, bring out the athlete in you and try out a real game of volleyball. Doing squats and jumping to get the ball over the net could seriously help you to tone those thighs you need to tackle the slopes or do your 1000 km bike hike.

And that’s not all. Your calves and glutes get a nice workout too. Hitting the volley ball will tone muscles in your arms and upper back. All cyclists know how important it is to have a solid back in the saddle. Your workout will be worth the beer you will be gulping down afterward as well as worth the reward time you will have to gamble on that online poker sites in the UK you figured you would try out.

Cycle your way around on holidays

Well what we are going to say next should come as no surprise – get on your bike! There are so many bike tour companies as there are gambling operators as allowed under US gambling laws, that you shouldn’t have any trouble renting one for you, your partner or your whole family. If you didn’t take yours along already that is. For “there is no better way to soak up a country, its culture, cuisine and its people, than by bike”.

In Utrecht, the Netherlands, for example, where the next Tour de France debuts, and incidentally which holds the largest bicycle park in the world, you can try out the Saddle Skedaddle cycling holiday. Here, regardless of your level of experience and fitness you can relax, recharge while enjoying the cycling holiday of your life.

Explore your environment with a friend or with your family. Even if you are biking pro, just lowering the pace can be beneficial and sociable. Already you can pack in some kilometers by tackling the viewpoints then descending to tell your less-sporty partners how great the view was or to let them know they can handle it too. While you are at it go back up and roll back down, that will keep your companions in awe!

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